Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Eagle Butte

Game, Fish and Parks Equine Center suffers damage from sustained winds

Sustained winds of more than 20 mph blew through Eagle Butte Saturday, Jan. 26 and Sunday, Jan. 27 causing extensive damage to the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Game, Fish and Parks Equine Center Project, a report released by WoLakota Construction said on Jan. 29.

The sustained winds creates “a force called resonance on the structure which is a steady shake or vibration which can weaken a structure that is not complete,” the report said.

The WoLakota Construction company was contracted for the job, and said that they have the insurance to cover the damages, which included the collapse of “some 37 trusses” from gusts that occurred on Saturday due to wind gusts  of 30 miles per hour.

On Sunday, straight line winds of 55 mph with gusts as high as 85 mph “caused an additional 24 trusses to fall to the ground taking precast panels with the trusses.”

While the finished construction of the Equine building promises to withstand these kinds of winds, the building was only 60 percent complete, and so it was not yet properly braced with what the company explained is the “web bracing, purlins, bridging, metal panels at the roof and soffits” had not been installed yet.

WoLakota said in their statement that they are working with engineers and manufacturers for solutions to the propose to the owners, and that  they will “do what is right and all that is required to give the Youth of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe a beautiful building to be proud of.”


This is a photo of the Equine Center barn construction before it sustained wind damage. Submitted photo

This photo shows the damages The Equine Center barn suffered after damaging winds knocked over trusses and panels on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 26 and 27. Submitted photo