Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eagle Butte

Full CRST Fair coverage; results and stories

Parade honors accomplishments and future generations

Most Beautiful:

1st Place: Michelle Benoist-Moran

2nd Place: Eunice Hollow Horn

3rd Place: Nicole White Wolf

4th Place: Fredeneicka Eagleman

Most Original:

1st Place: Mona Thompson

2nd Place: Diane Garreau

3rd Place: Juanita Oros

4th Place: Chayo Makes Room For Them

Most Humorous:

1st Place: Donroy Makes Room For Them

2nd Place: Shanna Smith

3rd Place: Della Evans

4th Place: Osacr High Elk

Best Themed Entry:

1st Place: Sharon Vogel-CRST Housing Authority

2nd Place: Gail Uses The Knife-WoLakota Construction

3rd Place: Michael Brought Plenty-Dakota Girls

4th Place: Sha’Teal Pearman-Just Breathe

Lakota Regalia:

1st Place: Arvella Pomani

2nd Place: Tina Shields

3rd Place: Dale Iron Lightning

4th Place: Kelli Eagle

Western Regalia:

1st Place: Kermit Miner

2nd Place: LaRae Lind

3rd Place: Bart Ward-Scat Stadel

4th Place: Bart Ward-Charlee Ward

Wisdom Keepers/Elders:

1st Place: Madonna Long

2nd Place: Eddy Crow Feather-Medicine Wheel

Best Rez Truck:

1st Place:Thom Eagle Staff

2nd Place: Sharon Brings Plenty

Best Rez Car:

1st Place: Sheldon Two Crow

2nd Place: Inyan Eagle Elk

3rd Place: Peg Hanson


1st Place: Donny Red Thunder

2nd Place: Kim Smith

Youth/School Group:

1st Place: Juanita Oros-Youth Horsemanship Program

2nd Place: Mary Curley-Jr. Miss Eagle Butte

3rd Place: Mark Barron-Sioux YMCA

4th Place: Dean and Jodi Kohlus

Powwow honors vets, royalty, dancers and others over the course of the weekend

Junior Girls Fancy:

1st Place: Jailynn Knife

2nd Place: Olivia Thunder Hawk

3rd Place: Seneca Stanley

4th Place: Emma In The Woods

Junior Girls Jingle:

1st Place: Talayah Cuny

2nd Place: Adina Waters

3rd Place: Cante Skuya Two Crow

4th Place: Lourdes Dupris

Junior Girls Traditional:

1st Place: Lowan Makes Room For Them

2nd Place: Olowan Eagleman

3rd Place: Samarra Yazzie

4th Place: Salena Iron Cloud

Junior Boys Fancy:

1st Place: Max Sevier

2nd Place: Daris Kills Spotted

3rd Place: Cash Draper

4th Place: Makazi Spotted Tail

Junior Boys Grass:

1st Place: Jahaziel Pederson

2nd Place: Lance Bradley

3rd Place: Jayceon For In The Morning

4th Place: Dee J Arcoren

Junior Boys Tradtional:

1st Place: Synsir Fog In The Morning

2nd Place: Tyrelle Elk

3rd Place: Noah Cuny

4th Place: Kameron Blue Coat

Teen Girls Fancy:

1st Place: Charlie Arcoren

2nd Place: Lillian With Horn

3rd Place: Jessan McLaughlin

4th Place: Samantha Sevier

Teen Girls Jingle:

1st Place: Jazz Arcoren

2nd Place: Neeta Kills Spotted

3rd Place: Dori Blue Thunder

4th Place: Frankie Jameson

Teen Girls Tradtional:

1st Place: Genevieve Iron Lightning

2nd Place: LaShae Makes Room For Them

3rd Place: Kelsey Iron Wing

4th Place: Wacantkiya Mani Win Eagle

Teen Boys Grass:

1st Place: Colter Cook

2nd Place: Carlos Benally

3rd Place: Marques Broken Nose

4th Place: Renzo Tallmandan

Teen Boys Traditional:

1st Place: Daris Benally

2nd Place: Shane Crow Feather

3rd Place: Izzy Tamayo

4th Place: Misun Horse

Teen Boys Fancy:

1st Place: Randy Arcoren

2nd Place: George Bradley

3rd Place: Sinte Gleska Spotted Tail

4th Place: Chandler Red Bird

Junior Womens Fancy:

1st Place: Taylor Spoon Hunter

2nd Place: Mianna Kills Spotted

3rd Place: Elizabeth Eagle

4th Place: Sabrina Pourier

Junior Womens Jingle:

1st Place: Sunshine Arcoren

2nd Place: Elaina Red Shirt

3rd Place: Bianca Tashina Cook

4th Place: Emmalee Clairmont

Junior Womens Tradtional:

1st Place: Delmarina One Feather

2nd Place: Daisa One Feather

3rd Place: Igni Black Bear

4th Place: Tyrea Alice Pele

Junior Mens Fancy:

1st Place: Sonny Means

2nd Place: Jessup Yazzie

3rd Place: Juston Fox


Junior Mens Grass:

1st Place: Tyson Red Stone

2nd Place: Jeff Red Tomahawk

3rd Place: Bryson Bear Robe

4th Place: Tyrell Garreau Jr.

Junior Mens Tradtional:

1st Place: Roger Coleman Eagle Elk

2nd Place: Inyan Eagle Elk

3rd Place: Sheldon Twon Crow

4th Place: Wesley New Holy Jr.

Senior Womens Fancy:

1st Place: Kellie LeBeau

2nd Place: Codi High Elk

3rd Place: Danielle Decoteau

4th Place: Joann Steele

Senior Womens Jingle:

1st Place: Alice Phelps

2nd Place: Cepa Two Eagle

3rd Place: Ramona Bradley

4th Place: Shannon Blight

Senior Womens Tradtional:

1st Place: Kella With Horn

2nd Place: Della Spotted Tail

3rd Place: Maxine White Elk

4th Place: Lynn Cuny

Senior Mens Fancy:

1st Place: Vern Sevier

2nd Place: Valdis Joe

3rd Place: Nick Demarce

4th Place: Rodd LeBeau

Senior Mens Grass:

1st Place: JC Kills Spotted

2nd Place: William Stewart

3rd Place: Daniel Makes Good

4th Place: Travis Fire Cloud

Senior Mens Tradtional:

1st Place: Scott With Horn

2nd Place: John Martin

3rd Place: Ronald Cross Dog

4th Place: Roger Spencer

Drum Contest:

1st Place: Southern Style

2nd Place: Whitetail

3rd Place: Midnite Express

4th Place: Eagle Mountain

5th Place: Upstream

Slow and fast pitch softball tournaments generate a large turnout this year

2018 CRST Fair fast pitch tournament results

1st place-Red Leaf; 2nd place-Wild Oglalas; 3rd place-All Stars.

All Tourney selections were: Orlando Morrison, Butch Standing Bear and Eric Bobtail Bear from Outlaws; Tommy Wit and Tavern Hart from All Stars; Richie Palmier and Hobe Locke from Wild Oglalas; Daelan High Wolf and Jr. Charging Hawk from Red Leaf.

MVP was Richard Charging Hawk, Sr.

Best Catcher was Keith Looking Back.

The Fast Pitch tournament was put on by Lyle and Carol Elk Nation.

2018 CRST Fair men’s softball tournament results

1st place-Hawkeyes; 2nd place-Shields Bar; 3rd place J&M Associates; 4th place-LTM/Line Drive.

Best Infielder-Jordan Manning of Shields Bar; Most Home Runs-Jordan Manning of Shields Bar; Mr. Hustle-Jeremy Sazue of J&M Associates.

All-Tourney selections: from the Hawkeyes-Keith Hawk, Lonnie Brewer and Jason Bucholz; from Shields Bar-Colten Good Shield and Melvin Miner; from J&M Associates-Kyle and Eric; from LTM/Line Drive-Richie Palmier and RJ; from Dub C-Raden Eagle Chasing and Lavern Miller; from Wanblee-Wyatt Miner.

Results for the Women’s tournament were not in by publication deadline, and will be printed when  received.

5K runers/walkers triumph

Fifty-four 5K competitive runners took to the streets of CRST on Saturday morning of the fair along with 95 registered walkers. There were 27 chidlren in the kiddie races.

First place winners of the 10-13 girls and boys division were Layla Maynard and Lance Hawk Eagle.

Girls and boys 14-18 divisions first place winners Sunni Dupris and Jared Dorian.

Women and men 19-34 first place winners were Jordyn Cook and Chalmer Combellick.

Women and men 35-54 first place winers were Jody Rust and Ron Adams; and women and men 55 and older first place winners were Della Martin Means and Ben Smith. 

Winners were given cash prizes and all participants were offered a T-shirt, water and fruit after the race.

Horseshoe tournament

The horseshoe tournaments took place on Saturday and Sunday of the fair, with singles on Saturday and couples on Sunday.

Results for the competition were not available by publication time, but here are some shots of horseshoe throwers from both days.

3 on 3 Basketball and Co-ed Volleyball competitions filled theater lawn and lot

“All participants in the 3 on 3 tournament were winners in our eyes,” said Ryan Moran, organizer of the 3 on 3 tournament.

Players received carnival passes and gift cards for participating. Prizes were given for top three finishers by the Revenue office and  ABC committee Youth Affairs. Youth Diabetes supplied fruit and water.

Guest speakers who spoke about teamwork, sportsmanship, and hard work before the tournament started, were Travis Albers, Grant Kohlus, Sadie In The Woods.

Bike races: all ages put the pedal to the sole and power down the pavement

There were 250 participants in the Youth Bike Races this year at the fair.

Bikers received school bags, carnival bracelets and incentives for their participation in the races.

Adults and young adults competed in the 10K bike ride.

The bike race participation has grown over the past few years, and it seems more and more youth and adults are taking to the roads on the pedal bikes in good weather.

Bicycling is a low impact way to exercise that helps build muscle, improve lung health, cut heart disease and cancer risks, boost brain power, strengthen the immune system, help with spatial awareness and navigation, and help with weight loss according to

Fitness Center hosts Ohitika Challenge:

tests individual strength and endurance

The Ohitika Challenge, sponsored by the CRST Fitness Center, provided participants with a short obstacle course that worked every body muscle and included sprinting, high knees through tires, deadlifts, push-ups, burpees, squats with weights, tire flipping and another sprint.

Most times were in the two to four-minute range, and there were light weight, middle weight and heavy weight divisions for adult men and women and for youth.

According to the results provided at the time of publication, there were 19 youth participants, but their placements were not clearly designated.

The top three youth listed on the results sheet for boys are Inyan Rondeau, Jordan Hanson, and Kayden Chalmers.

The top three listed for girls are Tiana Kholus, Alyah Condon and Erika Miner.

For the men’s and women’s divisions, results showed:

Lightweight: First, Tonia White Bull and Sebastian Frost; Second, Sherri Turning Heart and Brandon LeCroix; and Third, Ashley Elk Nation and Caleb Zanderman.

Middleweight: First, Jody Rust and Coryn Lewis; Second, Lacy Turning Heart and Tyson Bear Eagle; Third, Arlana Curley and Casper Ducheaux.

Heavyweight (men only): First, Stottin Newbrough; Second, Tristan Sampson; Third, Marcus Yellow Earrings. 

Archery competitors show their skills and kick off the 2018 CRST Fair and Rodeo

Approximately 150 archers competed in the archery tournament held the first day of the Labor Day Fair and Rodeo events. The top three in each category of competition results were: Girls and boys grade 4: First, Taya Johnson and Darius Uses the Knife; Second, Sheridan Miner and Brett Two Hawks; Third, Ryan Moran and Isaiah Two Hawks. Girls and boys grades 5-6: First, Jordan Reisch and Luke Lesmeister; Second, Taianna High Elk and Ayden Uses the Knife; Third, Levi Elk Nation.

Girls grade 6:  First, Quinn Benoist; Second, Jhoni Uses Many; Third, Akeyda Adams. Girls and boys grades 7-8: First, Tiana Johnson and Isaiah Werlinger; Second, Juell Twite and Braylee Yellow Owl; Third, Luwan Makew Room for Them and Lance Hawk Eagle.

Grades 9-10: First, Torin Johnson; Second, Dawne Garter; Third, Hayzil Yellow Fox. Grades 11-12: First, Mheki Moran, Second, Jade LeBeau; Third, LeAunah LeBeau. Women’s and men’s: Louise Yazzie and Tom Shaving; Second, Kracy Dog Eagle and Wanbli Afraid of Hawk; Third, Kaitlynn Heideman and Marc Benoist.

Glow Walk lights the night

The Glow Walk, sponsored by the CRST Fitness Center and the Meth & Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI) to promote mental and physical health, was a mile walk with participants clad in glow sticks, said MSPI Director Jodi Kholus.

Awareness walks allow people to know who they can contact for inforamtion about addiction and depression.

Suicide rates and addiction rates are high on the reservation, and one way to combat them is to show people a different, heathier way to live their lives.

Indigenous Country’s Got Talent: local stars compete

Indian Country’s Got Talent celebrates its third fair appearance.

The Indian Country ‘s Got Talent Show celebrated its third year at the Labor Day Fair and Rodeo.

There were 25 contestants in the contest, with 20 of them in the 17 and up category.

Host Ethel Morgan facilitated the events with the help of Raymond Uses the Knife.

Winners of the adult category were first place, Trenton Casillas-Bakeberg with his guitar and song rendition of “Hurt” by Johnny Cash, Billie Iron Hawk with his rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Sunday Morning Sidewalk,” and Caleb Two Hearts with his rendition of Adele’s “Rumor Has it.”

In the 6-10 category, Thelma Yazzie won, and in the  11-18 age group, Charlie Etscorn won first for singing “Rise Up,” Maddy Breurier won second  for playing the ukulele and singing “Rip Tide,” and Wambli Makes Room For Them won third for her traditional style powwow dance.

In the drum competition, Jared Charging Eagle won first place, Travis Harden won second place, and Keith Little Thunder won third place.

Contestants were asked questions by the three judges and then performed their talents.

Takoja games attract over 450 youth for fun & prizes 

Participants of the annual Takoja Games were given T-shirts and carnival bracelets.

Volunteers that helped out were very appreciated this year.

For the games to be succesful they needed 30 or more volunteers to take a stand for the youth, said Lynette Dupris who works in CRST Revenue and helped with many of the youth and adult sporting events.