Saturday, December 4, 2021

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From the WRE Editor

Bittersweet October

The end of October is a bittersweet time for me. It marks the birthdays of three people who used to be dear in my life and from whom I have been estranged for many years.

It’s a strange marker of maturity to have people who have opted out of your life. I also think it’s an indicator of being fully yourself. If you are really being you, you will not be the right fit for some people. 

For years I regretted the decisions of the people who left my life and committed myself to remain open. But it takes energy to keep a door open, so I eventually let those doors gently close. They are not locked, just closed, and the person on the other side can open them any time.

Living fully into yourself, living deeply into the good and bad parts of yourself, means you are not changing yourself to fit the needs of other people. Authenticity comes at a cost. It also comes with great benefits. There is no other way to access your true genius, those things that make you uniquely you.

I’ve had the humble privilege of writing for the West River Eagle for almost two years. In that time I’ve met some amazing people and learned that Eagle Butte and Cheyenne River don’t try to be something that they’re not and neither do their people.

While others may not see the special and unique joys of living here, they are easy to find if you look. There’s a special beauty that comes from living in an authentic place. People who commit to it have a special shine.

This week look around and see where in the community you can commit more fully. I assure you the community will support you and rejoice to welcome your special light.

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