Thursday, May 13, 2021

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From the Interim Editor

The poem we share this week, “In Elation,” by S.E. Coulson, was written by my friend Susan after her recovery from COVID-19 in the fall of 2020. She was very sick, but thankfully not hospitalized with COVID pneumonia and was able to isolate at home.

Susan described the experience of lying awake on her bed on an October afternoon with the golden autumn sun streaming into the room, dappled through the yellow maple leaves outside her window.

She felt like she was floating above her bed, and the straws of light were passing right through her body. She could feel and hear them hitting the pillow behind and below her. There was an encompassing sense of Light.

When the moment ended and the light changed, she thought, “Oh, I think my fever broke.”

Susan shared this story with me as part of our meditation before Good Friday. Later, when she told me she’d written a poem about the experience, I asked to see it.

Coronavirus has taken such a hard toll on Cheyenne River that I wondered if her experience of peace and healing might feel familiar to those who have recovered; and might bring a morsel of peace to those whose relatives have started their journey.

Susan knows of Cheyenne River through me and would love to hear if her work rings true with anyone. And she sends her sincere good wishes to the people with prayers for healing.

In Elation

 — defeating coronavirus

By S.E. Coulson

Folded like a walnut,

too small to think,

the work of breathing 

my center of focus.

Through the haze of sleep

a sharp stick

wide awakens me

to rays of gold-orange

light streaming through autumn’s leafy show.

Piercing my body,

warming my back,

enveloping me in lightness

Like thick gauze

absorbing a warm smile,

God welcomed me into powerful arms.

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