Monday, March 8, 2021

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From the Editorial Board: An apologyFree Access

The West River Eagle would like to issue an apology to Ms. Alaina Beautiful Bald Eagle. It has come to our attention that we made an error in layout in the January 21st issue and wrongly attributed a byline to Fran Carr when the work in question was actually written by Ms. Beautiful Bald Eagle.

Alaina, we are so sorry.

The piece in question is a press release from the South Dakota Democratic Party regarding this legislative year’s goals for the South Dakota State-Tribal Relations Committee. Please read the full article on, below.

State Tribal Relations Committee goals for 2021 Session

We decided to include the release at the last minute because we thought the content was very important. In our haste an error was made in the print edition, which officially comes out tomorrow. We will print a correction in next week’s print edition. Until that time, please regard this post as an official apology on behalf of the paper and as a personal apology from Ms. Carr.

We welcome comments about this mistake. Feel free to reach out to the paper with a FB message at, through Twitter at @WestRiverEagle1, or to Thank you.

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