Sunday, July 25, 2021

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From the Editorial Board

A summer surge of community energy

It feels like all the pent-up event energy from the last year is hurtling toward us!

In the coming weeks we have so many community events on the calendar: Dupree Pioneer Days, McGovern Day 2021, Red Can festival, Art in the Park, the 5th Annual Ziebach County Historical Fun Run, and the Veterans Stand Down Eagle Butte. Plus, pow-wow season has begun!

It’s heartening to see the creative life of the community come surging up after The Long 2020. A staff member saw the meme below last week and we all laughed in recognition. After sixteen months of empty calendars, Summer 2021 looks very full!

There’s a deep river of community life on Cheyenne River. During pandemic we saw it in the way neighbors helped neighbors. Now it springs forth in festivals, Midnight Basketball, art fairs and sidewalk sales.

Let’s hope this summer gives us the space to reach for each other; to say how very much we missed each other; to hug and cry and laugh; to remember our aunties and elders who began their journeys and to laugh when we still hear their voices in our hearts.

The summer solstice is on Monday. The world perches at aphelion, our farthest point away from the Sun on our annual journey. It’s a moment to pause and feel balance. Day and night are equal length. We’ve been gaining light all Spring. What are we going to do with the wonderful long, warm, summer nights? How will be fill ourselves up after the pandemic? And what new creative life will we bring to birth?

Our staff loves being on this journey with you every week. Seeing the ebb and flow of events; marking graduations and funerals; it’s all a part of the river of life here. Wophila tanka!

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