Saturday, June 19, 2021

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From the Editorial Board

We are lucky to have some interesting editorials this week.

Rep. Shawn Bordeaux sent us a long piece about the current work of the State Tribal Relations Committee, which was brought to an abrupt halt last week by Republican leadership in the State House and Senate.

Tellingly, Bordeaux says, “Makes me wonder if they are paying attention up there in Pierre to what we have been doing for years here without their help.” Fortunately, the committee will resume its work later in the summer under the leadership of Rep. Tamara St. John (R-Sisseton) and Senate Minority Leader Troy Heinert (D-Mission).

Rep. Dusty Johnson sent in a piece about the Dairy Pride legislation he co-sponsored, which restricts the use of the word “milk” for ordinary plant-based products like almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk; and “yogurt” for products like soy yogurt and cashew yogurt. (This last is a favorite of our interim editor, Fran. She says you’ll be surprised at how yummy it is!) These products are a boon to people who cannot consume conventional dairy products. Proponents argue that the dairy industry needs this commonsense protection.

Lastly, our interim editor shares her thoughts on courage in the face of critical race theory.

Running through all the news this week is the thread of pride in our graduating seniors. As a community, all of Eagle Butte and Cheyenne River are excited to see the contributions our young people will make!

June is also Gay Pride Month. So don your rainbows and celebrate! Please remember, the very best thing we can do is create a safe space for all two-spirit and LBGTQIA+ relatives. Take this to heart: when someone else is able to be their full self, it makes more space for all of us to be our real selves. We are safer, happier, and better off when our community is as strong and rich as it can be.

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