Thursday, May 13, 2021

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From the Editorial Board

Local school coverage

It’s been wonderful to have more and more coverage of our local schools in the paper of late. Since Cheyenne-Eagle Butte schools opened up for in-person instruction in March it’s evident that students and teachers are thriving with more face-to-face contact.

This week we have coverage of visual and graphic arts, track and field, choral music, college visits, and individual achievement awards from students across our readership area. The community, teachers, administrators, students and parents all deserve a huge congratulations for making it this far into the second school year impacted by the historic pandemic.

As spring approaches the West River Eagle is preparing for coverage of prom, graduations, and end of year achievements. Be sure to send in your photos and announcements!

Letters to the Editor

We recently received two anonymous emails from people with comments on our coverage. The advice was great! And we’d love to be able to thank the sender. If you would like to communicate with the editor or our Editorial Board, feel free to reach out. Community engagement is one of our key performance metrics. Please include your name and how to reach you. Email or or call the office at 605/964-2100. We also have a private, encrypted email address for completely secure communication:

One of the comments asked that we please include letters to the editor from local people, noting that we’ve had a lot of editorial content from public figures of late. The West River Eagle publishes every letter to the editor we receive – the more the merrier.

Your “letter” doesn’t have to be written out, either. We’re happy to take a phone call or a Facebook message and help turn it into something to express your views in print in the paper. Access to the press is a Constitutional right and the job of our staff and editor is to facilitate your access to the news and to local and national dialog.

Lastly, as of this writing the CDC stands ready to revise its guidance on mask wearing. They are expected to loosen restrictions for masking outdoors, in public, and in the company of others who are vaccinated. Please continue to be careful. Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and be especially aware of the danger of transmission of the coronavirus to takoja and wakanheja/children and others who are not yet vaccinated. It’s possible to be a carrier even if you are vaccinated and not sick yourself.

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