Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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From the Editorial Board

Rep. Shawn Bordeaux tapped into a national issue in his commentary this week. He notes that he has been “gaveled” down” more than once for speaking the truth of the Native experience in the South Dakota State House. He says it’s important to speak for people who don’t have a voice. 

Nationally, there are still those who do not believe the results of the 2020 election. More disturbingly, many of our elected representatives in Congress and in state legislatures across the country are in this camp. As a result, as Bordeaux aptly notes, in many states legislators are striving to limit access to voting rights: “We need to step up our efforts and represent our people by voting. Because we will get walked on if we don’t use our voice to be heard. Trust me, they see people of color coming and they are scrambling to change 250 laws in 40 states to make it harder for us to be heard, here and across the country.” 

The West River Eagle is grateful to Rep. Bordeaux for all the sharing he has done over the most recent legislative session. He brings a refreshing point of view to the state and national dialog. 

His themes are also heard in the actions taken last week by the Cheyenne River Grassroots Collective and others in Washington, DC, to keep the resistance against pipelines in the forefront of the national mind. The West River Eagle is indebted to the reporting of 2KC Media and the Indigenous Environmental Network for the coverage in the paper this week. 

Vaccinations are also in the front of the national mind this week. Governor Noem got her first shot. Vaccination is an essential tool in the blockade against the coronavirus, but it is not the only one. Keep wearing a mask, maintain social distance. Don’t travel unless you have to or hold family gatherings unless every single person is at least two weeks past their second shot. The coronavirus variants are surging and it looks like the fight against the virus will continue into the summer if we are all not careful. 

All of us at the paper hope you had a blessed Easter, if you celebrate it, and we look forward to new life and hope as Spring brings green to the prairies.

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