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First Baptist rallies churches to help EBT recipients mid-February

Anticipating the worst-case scenario, Pastor Ben Farrar has called upon churches and other non-profits on Cheyenne River to donate food items to help EBT recipients who may be negatively impacted by the recent government shutdown.

While most EBT recipients received February’s allotment of EBT funds Jan, 20, Ferrar said that one challenge some people on EBT face is budgeting, and he said he is concerned that there will be a lot of people on the reservation who will not have enough food to feed their families through the month of March.

Farrar said that his church has already purchased 800 pounds of food and set aside $2500 in their budget to purchase more food to distribute to EBT recipients mid-February.

He said that the Church of God, the Mustard Seed, the Catholic and Episcopal churches and the Lutheran church have all agreed to donate food for this initiative.

Farrar’s church is also using their vans to transport food and the church to store the food until it is distributed.

“The response has been phenomenon,” Farrar said. “I haven’t gotten a no from anyone.”

Farrar said that the program will be for EBT recipients only.

He also suggested that those who do receive EBT should apply for commodities for a March 1 distribution, because while his food distribution initiative may help with the last two weeks of February, with distribution beginning February 18, families will still have to wait until March 10 before their EBT cards will be refilled. 

Any organizations or individuals who want to donate non-perishable food items for this food drive should contact Farrar at 964-3612.

Details pertaining to the distribution process are still in the works, and Farrar is still working through his list of contacts to enlist as much supporter across the reservation as he can to ensure that no one goes hungry this February.