Friday, August 14, 2020

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Firearms – what’s the solution?

Randolph’s Corner

I could write volumes on the severe injury category that deals with firearms but will cut to the chase. In the past few years with beginnings in a big way back when the Denver Columbine School shootings occurred, we’ve dealt with many school and public building shootings with the common denominator being they were used by varying sorts of firearms.

Whether categorized as domes­tic terrorism or a “deranged” per­son with mental instabilities, no matter what the circumstances one can always count on a stern rebuttal or sorts aka ‘excuse’ by the self proclaimed guardian of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, the National Rifle Association. I say this with a de­gree of sarcasm as this entity not only will beat the drums that no matter what any attempt to mod­ify, amend, or even hint at mak­ing changes in any ordinance pertaining to firearms brings a swift public attack with encour­agement from the politicians the organization lobbies or endorses during election time.

One of the biggest scams I think existing of course is that every time one side of the politi­cal spectrum attains the White House, the other side screams to any and everyone that that par­ticular party is coming to ‘take away your guns’ ad nauseum. Gun sales skyrocket, as happened 7 years ago and again 3 years ago, when that same political party was re-elected. Fast forward to today and ‘gulp’ we all apparently still have those firearms that were supposed to be taken away.

It’s brilliant marketing in a sense as gun shop owners carry that big smile with increased sales. Never mind that the light bulb doesn’t come on in some of those scared people purchasing more firepower that their friends, buddies, and acquaintances registered in the party that has been in power the last 7 years also have ‘gulp again’ firearms and go hunting, target shooting maybe even more so then they do.

A lot of people in that particular party actually depend on that extra game meat to supplement their fall and winter meals. That all being said there continues to be loopholes that exist that don’t require a background check on firearms purchases in certain instances. A battleground of sorts has erupted in the state of Washington pitting those want­ing to close this loophole in that particular state.

I-594 would require back­ground checks for all gun sales and transfers in Washington state, including at gun shows and for private sales. Under the measure, exemptions would ex­ist, including gifts within a family and antiques.

What has put this in the na­tional spotlight is a couple of big supporters of this include Micro­soft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Again, it’s a state issue but could eventually have national implications but the question staring at you is this. The ‘excuse’ of many who defend the sales of guns being that we have to con­centrate on the mental health issue of guns sales and not blame the gun. That’s fine except why would you then be against back­ground checks that are already required for new gun purchases, on gun shows and private sales that may hinder someone who’s been deemed unfit to own a firearm?

New gun registration doesn’t catch everyone who’s in a bad place emotionally and mentally but what’s so bad about sitting that extra 5 minutes at a gun show to get ‘verified’ when some­one due to domestic violence or not even being a U.S. citizen can go get any weapon they want at any gun show.

One could say in any city one could purchase illegally any gun they want off the ‘street’ which is true but if you could add one simple step maybe save a life not just of innocent people but our brave law enforcement personnel who last year lost 117 according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund website it may be worth it.

From that tough subject, we want to say kudos to a Canadian First Nation’s woman who re­cently won the Mrs.’s Universe contest. Google Ashley Calling Bull Burnham to read a story of resilience and fortitude and overcoming all the pitfalls that exist on reserves and reservations throughout North America.