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Fire Thunder visits Dupree School

Aŋpétu Yámni k’uŋ héhaŋ, wičháša waŋ théča k’éyaš wawóptetušni čha Kyle etáŋhan, Dupree Owáyawa kiŋ él thiléhaŋyaŋg hí. Alex Fire Thunder ečíyapi. Dupree Owáyawa ektá wayáwaya kiŋ wičhákílowaŋ na nakúŋ Lakhóliyapi uŋspéwičhakhiye. Wayáwa kiŋ líla oíyokiphi yuhápi kéčhaŋmi.

Thokáta waníyetu kiŋháŋ akhé ú háŋtaŋš  líla wašte kte!

On Wednesday, May 2, Alex Fire Thunder visited the Dupree Lakota Language classes.

Although still in his 20s, Fire Thunder is valuable and active member of Lakota language revival efforts.

Fire Thunder is from Kyle, and partially grew up in New York State.

He has a very good understanding of important issues, such as Lakota language and culture preservation, growing up learning from elders, as well as the school system.

During his presentation, he sang some of his contemporary and traditional Lakota songs.

Students were impressed with his charismatic approach, and said they can relate to someone who highly treasures traditional ways.

Fire Thunder will be one of the instructors at the Lakota Language Summer Institute in Bismarck June 11-29 laksummerinst.com/lsin/ .

If you want to learn more about his music, you can find him on Facebook and under his name on YouTube.

Front (L-R):  Jacob Anderson, Jr., Alex Fire Thunder, and Keyvaunte Veaux.  Back (L-R):  Manuel Swan III, Clifton Birkeland, Racheal Barrera, Taitlyn Shaving, Maria High Elk, and Imogene Dupris.