Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Eagle Butte

February 3, 2020 regular meeting of the Dupree City Council

The Dupree City Council met Monday evening February 3, 2020 at the Dupree City Office.  The meeting was called to order by Mayor Jim Veit at 7: 04 p.m. with the following Aldermen present: Una Lee Howe, Sam Owen, Sandy Lemke, Donald Farlee, and Arlene Martin. Alderman Holly White Wolf was absent.

Employees Present: Finance Officer Maurice Lemke

Visitors Present: Ray Lenk representing the Senior Citizens.

Mayor Veit presented the agenda for approval.   Alderman Lemke moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Alderman Owen and carried.

The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 6 and the Special Meeting of January 9, 2020 were approved as presented by a motion from Alderman Martin followed by a second from Alderman Lemke and carried.

Mayor Veit gave the floor to Ray Lenk. Ray gave a brief history of the Senior Meals Program from the War on Poverty initiative of 1964 through the Meals on Wheels program on 1974 and how that transitioned in Dupree. Ray stated that he has been a Director of the Western South Dakota Meals Program for twenty-eight years or since 1992.  There are some thirty-one meal sites in western South Dakota with many that contract their meals through a café with others hiring their kitchen staff.  The annual budget is $1.7 million with $425,000 ( 25% ) federal support, $425,000 ( 25% ) state support, $158,000 ( 09% )from select pledged sponsors, leaving $692,000 ( 41% ) from fund raising efforts from western South Dakota.  After some discussion; Alderman Farlee moved that $500 that was budgeted be paid to the Seniors.  Alderman Howe seconded the motion and it carried.

Alderman Owen moved to accept the Financial Report.  Alderman Farlee seconded the motion and it carried. General Revenue Sources were $8,214.34; State Generated Sources were $0.00; County Generated Sources were $5,489.27; City Generated Sources were $2,582.26; Other Revenue was $0.00; and Cumbered Revenue Sources were $0.00 for a Total of $16,285.87.

Utility Revenue Sources for the City included Water $11,581.01; Water Surcharge $281.70; Late Fees $503.28; Meter Deposits, $100.00; Sewer $3,318.10; Sewer Surcharge $3,318.13; Garbage $1,562.60; and Dumpster Rentals $1,171.80.

The Depository Balances were $30,000.00 in Certified Deposits; $500.00 in Checking; $200.00 in Petty Cash, and $235,677.57 in the Money Market with $266,377.57 in available funds.

The bills presented to the Council were reviewed.  Mayor Veit felt the bills to Faith Ambulance and Three Rivers Health remain tabled until a representative could come and discuss their need and where the money may be spent.  The bill presented from Maguire Iron is the final bill for the water tower repairs. The following bills were honored for payment by a motion from Alderman Lemke followed by a second from Alderman Owen. The bills awarded for payment included the following; A & B Business, copier agreement, $74.23; American Solutions, toner & time clock, $555.29; Badger Meter, readings, $47.28; City of Dupree, January, net payroll, $10,140.86; Clown, Andrew, matching insurance comp., $500.00; CRST Landfill, garbage, $433.30; CRST, Telephone, $275.28; D & R Propane, propane, $918.45; Dakota Pump & Control, repairs, $7,755.49; Dakota Refrigeration, repairs, $942.73; Department of the Treasury, payroll taxes, $3,081.30; Dupree Oil Co. fuel, $159.33; Dupree Senior Center, $500.00;  Eagle Butte Co-Op, weighing, $50.00; Farmers Union Oil Company, fuel & various supplies, $0.00; Maguire Iron, repairs to water tower, $29,450.00; Micro-Fix, consultation $20.00; Moreau Grand Electric, electricity, $1,810.99; Olvera Tristin, garbage collection, $585.00; Department of Health, water lab sample, $35.00; Servall Linen, mats, $37.40;  State Flag Account, flags, $305.64; Tri-County Water / Mini-Waste, water, $5,660.76;   U.S. Bank & Trust, Grant #1 $729.41;Waloke, Andre, garbage collection, $50.00;  West River Eagle, publications $145.59; Ziebach County Treasurer, law enforcement, $2,166.67.

Finance Officer Lemke discussed the forthcoming election obligations.  Currently there are four petitions taken out with the Council and Mayor position.  Finance Officer stated the next issues are voter registration, filing petitions, and selecting individuals to serve on an election board.  He mentioned that he had taken paper work to Pierre for funding requests for the city as to support in street repair, water tower repairs, and equipment. He concluded with the fact that he and Alderman Lemke were planning to attend the Private Applicator Training in Faith on Tuesday.

Mayor Veit informed the Council as to the damages at the lift station from the power surge.  One pump and the associated electrical components were damaged.  Claims have been filed with the cities insurance.

Alderman Howe expressed her interest in finding a way to continue with funding for our gravel project by adding more or even completing the project this next year.  Estimates were made at the possible cost for continuance or completion at similar or more than what was invested this past year in the fact that we have nearly done half the town at this point.  The Council concurred with her desire.  Discussion involved the project to this point and the possible support from individuals within the community that would be interested in investing in gravel rather than paying an equivalent amount to the Internal Revenue Service in taxes as an example in the fact that it can be a deductible entry on their tax form in lieu of their tax obligation.  No action was taken at this time.

Mayor Veit informed the Council that the paper work has been received and filed with the Register of Deeds concerning the ownership of the Mormon Church.  He informed the Council that he has been exploring possibilities with different groups as to being a satellite medical center.  One in particular has been positive with an interest in doing so at this point in time.

Mayor Veit mentioned that he had received notice from the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources that the City of Dupree is in violation of their certification with waste water and drinking water management in the fact we do not have anyone currently certified.  This will be an item on the agenda for the new Mayor this spring.

There being no further business at this time; Mayor Veit called for an adjournment.  Alderman Owen moved that the Meeting adjourn at 8:11 pm, seconded by Alderman Lemke and carried.

The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Monday evening March 2, 2020.

/s/Mayor, Jim Veit

/s/Finance Officer, Maurice Lemke