Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Eagle Butte

February 20, 2020 meeting of the Dupree School Board





The Board of Education of the Dupree School District No. 64-2 met in Regular Session at the Dupree School on Monday, February 10, 2020 at 6 p.m. with Vice President Bakeberg presiding.

Members present:  Jesse (Jake) Longbrake (phone), Jodie Schrempp, Jesse Brewer, Leo Bakeberg, III and Mika Tibbs

Members absent:  none

Others present:  Connie Alspach, Bus. Mgr.; Russell Budmayr, HS Principal; Brittany Brooks and Mary Farlee

All motions were passed by unanimous vote unless stated otherwise.

85-20-Motion by Brewer, second by Schrempp to approve the agenda as presented.

Good News Report: HS Principal Budmayr shared a summary of the Dupree High School Student & Parent – Family, Culture, and Climate Survey.

86-20-Motion by Brewer, second by Schrempp to approve the minutes of the January 13, 2020 regular board meeting.

87-20-Motion by Schrempp, second by Brewer to approve the Financial Statements and Reports as presented.

Beg. Bal. 01/01/20  $7,863,096.84


  State of SD:

  FFV & 21st Century 8,704.87

  State of SD: FS fed reimb 36,462.79

  Taxes 39,587.19

  State of SD: Sparsity 50,905.00

  State Aid                 188,329.00

  Adult Meals 638.00

  Interest Earned 5,885.80

  Admissions 2,858.90

  Rent/Reimb 125.64



  General Fund 98,559.82

  Capital Outlay 9,436.84

  Special Education 28,434.94

  Capital Projects 18,364.44

  Food Service 8,854.01



  General Fund 254,056.43

  Special Education 35,587.05

  Food Service 11,360.23


End. Bal. 01/31/20  $7,731,940.27

Trust & Agency Beg. Bal. 1/1/20


  Revenue 6,933.74

  Expenditures 17,037.66

Trust & Agency Ending Bal. 1/31/20


88-20-Motion by Longbrake, second by Brewer to approve the bills as presented.

General Fund

AFLAC, insur payable, 3,599.80; Amazon, techn,elem,& co-curr supplies, 386.06; Black Hills Chemical & Janitorial, bldg repairs (ice melt & floor cleaner), 715.04; Blue Arm, Marion, Lakota – prof services, 800.00; BSN Sports, co-curr supplies (padding), 148.39; Carolina Biological Supply Co, hs science supplies, 80.24; Cash-Wa Distributing, ffv/groceries, 664.16; Churchill Manolis Freeman, prof services, 129.40; City of Dupree, bldg utilities, 804.72; Comfort Inn & Suites, JOM/lodging (hand games), 373.96; CRST Telephone Authority, comm services, 449.11; Delta Dental Plan SD, insur payable, 2,510.56; Dupree Oil Company, vehicle fuel, 5,746.33; Dupree Sch Imprest Fund, Jan. 2020 expenditures, 2,759.68; Dupree School Food Service, Reimb – adult meals, 78.75; Eagle Butte Plumbing, bldg supplies, 65.90; Faith Lumber Company, bldg repairs, 116.37; Farmers Union Oil Co, vehicle fuel, repairs, & supplies, 2,898.88;  Fields, Jeremy, JOM/prof service staff training, 2,000.00; First National Bank Omaha NAFIS, travel/elem supplies, 726.26; Follett School Solutions Inc., lib media, 318.74; Holiday Inn Express, Supt confer lodging, 196.00; Holiday Inn Express, co-curr lodging (wrestling), 490.00; Johnson Controls, bldg maint repairs boiler, 517.14; Knight Security Incorporated, bldg repairs (service call), 1,125.00; Little Star, Mary, Title VI mileage reimb, 371.28; Marco Technologies LLC, copy machine maint, 2,582.13; MCI Comm Service, comm services, 33.40; MCI Residential Service, comm services, 26.81; MCI, comm services, 45.28; Moreau Grand Electric Coop Inc, bldg utilities, 9,605.23; North Central Bus Sale Truck, bus repairs, 229.68; Office of Fire Marshal-Boiler Insp, boiler inspection certificate, 60.00; Olson’s Pest Technicians, pest control services, 175.00; OMI Group, The, 403 (b) filing fee, 24.00; Peacock, Patty, guid/per diem reimb, 40.00; PLIC – SBD Grand Island, insur payable, 612.10; Quality Inn, co-curr lodging (wrestling), 490.00; SASD, Supt/reg fee, 60.00; Schrempp, Josh, reimb/vehicle fuel, 61.39; SDCA, guid counselor reg fees, 320.00; Servall Uniform/Linen Co, bldg supplies, 1,323.29; Standard, The, insur payable, 862.67; Sysco Food Services, lunch & ffv groceries, 748.44; Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, insur payable, 48,376.00; West River Eagle, board/comm, 279.48; Western Communications Inc, bldg supplies, 206.00.

Capital Outlay Fund

Dakota Refrigeration, teacher house repairs, 1,320.00; Titan Machinery – Rapid City, brush & angling pkg (loader), 2,110.81.

Special Education Fund

AFLAC, insur payable, 761.56; Allie Maier Occupational Therapist, OT/prof services, 5,695.65; Bourn, Rene’, Jan.’20 consulting, 3,112.50; Center for Disabilities, confer reg fee, 300.00; Children’s Home Society, tuition prof services, 4,392.40; Delta Dental Plan SD, insur payable, 698.18; Dx Therapy, LLC, PT prof services, 1,224.60; PLIC – SBD Grand Island, insur payable, 87.96; Standard, The, insur payable, 183.27; Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, insur payable, 9,161.00.

Capital Outlay Fund

Upper Deck Architects, Inc., Architect/prof services, 13,473.02.

Food Service Fund

AFLAC, insur payable, 174.33; Bernard Food Inc, lunch/groceries, 484.08; Cash-Wa Distributing, breakfast/lunch groc & supplies, 3,870.22; Dakota Refrigeration, equip repairs, 620.00; Deans Dairy Holdings LLC, breakfast/lunch groceries, 1,863.47; Lakota Thrifty Mart, breakfast/lunch groceries, 542.12; PLIC – SBD Grand Island, insur payable, 25.39; Servall Uniform/Linen Co, supplies (aprons), 111.70; Standard, The, insur payable, 1.92; Sysco Food Services, breakfast/lunch/ffv/asp groceries, 13,292.79; Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, insur payable, 668.00.

Imprest Fund

Veronica Reichert, reimb background ck, 43.25; Brent Mareska, bball official & mileage, 147.42; DeJon Bakken, bball official & mileage, 182.45; Lou Mendoza, bball official, 105.00; Region 6 Music, music contest entry fee, 114.00; Mark Ammann, bball official & mileage, 218.40; Derrick Oliver, bball official & mileage, 168.00; DeJon Bakken, bball official & mileage, 162.96; Mark Ammann, bball official & mileage, 218.40; Jeff Jones, bball official & mileage, 126.00; Jim Fugate, bball official & mileage, 126.00; Faulkton Area School, co-curr/play registration, 123.88; Patty Peacock, student meal money, 91.00; Brent Mareska, bball official & mileage, 147.84; DeJon Bakken, bball official & mileage, 182.28; Lou Mendoza, bball official, 105.00; Nanette Hale, JOM meeting, 40.00; Paul Hollow Horn, JOM meeting & mileage, 57.64; Jenny Jeffries, JOM meeting & mileage, 60.16; DOC Hand Games, JOM/hand game entry fee, 200.00, Amber Woitalla, student meal money, 140.00.

NWAS Report was given by Board Member, Bakeberg.

Federal Programs update was given by Business Manager, Alspach.

Building Project Update was given; a meeting will be held with the Architect to further discuss storage building location.

Elementary, HS Principal Reports were presented.

No discussion was held in regards to additional parking possibilities due to the absence of Superintendent Swenson.

The following vehicle fuel quotes were received for the month of February 2020:  Dupree Oil:  Diesel #1 – $2.56 per gal; P-40 C – $2.36 per gal; E-10 – $2.18.  Farmers Union Oil Co.:  Roadmaster #2 diesel (premium) – $2.359; Roadmaster #1 (premium) – $2.659; NL – $2.459 and E10 – $2.159.

89-20-Motion by Brewer, second by Tibbs to accept the low quote(s) from Dupree Oil: Diesel #1 – $2.56; P-40 C – $2.36 and Farmers Union Oil Co.  E-10 – $2.159 and Roadmaster #2 (premium) – $2.359.

90-20-Motion by Brewer, second by Longbrake to approve the following Open Enrollment Applications as referenced:  #2019/2020-18(1) and #2019/2020-19(1).

91-20-Motion by Tibbs, second by Schrempp to table approval of the 2020-21 School Calendar until the March 2020 school board meeting.

92-20-Motion by Longbrake, second by Brewer to offer administration contracts for the 2020-21 school term, salaries and terms to be negotiated at a later date:  Gail Swenson, Superintendent; Connie Alspach, Business Manager; Russ Budmayr, High School Principal and Cindy Lindskov, Elementary Principal.

93-20-Motion by Tibbs, second by Brewer to approve the 2019-20 coaching contract for Fay (Beau) Garreau, Head Track – $4,550.

94-20-Motion by Brewer, second by Schrempp to accept the resignation of Nadia Deal, HS Math Instructor (effective at the end of the 2019-20 school term).

The Board would like to thank Nadia for her years of service.

95-20-Motion by Tibbs, second by Brewer under SDCL 1-25-2 (1) to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel at 6:35 p.m.

The Board returned to Open Session at 7:03 p.m.

With no further business appearing before the board, motion by Tibbs, second by Brewer, to adjourn meeting at 7:05 p.m.

/s/Jesse (Jake) Longbrake



/s/Connie Alspach