Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Eagle Butte

Fall Perennial Flower Gardens

Fall is here! When you think of gardens, you may think you can only grow during spring and summer, but gardening season is not over with fall’s arrival. It’s a great time to plan and prepare for your next creation. You can continue to do fall flower gardens which can and will bring amazing results in the spring. The best time to plant your fall flower gardens are from September through October.

 Perennials are flowers that you don’t have to plant every year – with proper care, they grow back each year. You can plant perennial flower bulbs such as daffodils, lilies and tulips, which are great first-time starters. There is a wide variety to select from. You can find all your essential fall perennial bulbs on the web and in the gardening sections of your local Walmart and Runnings stores. I recommend buying bulk if you have a large garden space to work with. 

 Keep in mind that you don’t always have to use bulbs to create a beautiful garden. Planting perennial flower seeds such as black-eyed susans, perennial geraniums, perennial sunflowers, wildflowers and wild columbine are great for fall gardens When dropped in the location you desire, they will germinate over the winter. When spring arrives, your vision of your fall garden will bloom wonderfully, not to mention, they are great for pollinators to help your vegetable gardens reach their full potential. The oxygen they release also helps tremendously with our environment, which is facing climate change and global warming. Every little bit helps in healing Unci Maka.

 Finding the right combinations of flowers to form a beautiful garden can require creativity and vision – imagine and plan with colors, height and space in mind. A great example of a good pairing for your perennials is russian sage and lemongrass. Growing these together will result in a fuller essence, creating a fragrant masterpiece and sanctuary to walk through. 

 Gardens also help release endorphins, which can also be very therapeutic to our senses and vision. I encourage everyone to visit verywellhealth.com for more information about therapeutic gardening. 

One advantage of creating a fall garden is beautifying and creating a wonderful tribute at a loved one’s final resting place, making it a tradition to visit and celebrate their life. In recent travels around the reservation, it was great to see that there are people who have taken the time to beautify the final resting sites of their loved ones– your hard work and dedication shows with the amazing and colorful flowers. 

 Fall gardens are a great project for the whole family and creating one is rewarding as your hard work and efforts pay off. Input and participation from children can be very rewarding for them, as well as for yourself. Being included in this process is a great way to educate your child/children/grandchildren. You can all grow through it! 

An example of Flower Bulbs for your fall garden. EAGLE PHOTO BY JANIE DUCHENEAUX