Saturday, March 23, 2019

Eagle Butte
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Mostly cloudy

Eagle Butte fireworks earn ooh’s and ahhh’s

The City of Eagle Butte fireworks display has been happening for forty or fifty years, said Shelia Ganje, the city’s finance officer.

Ganje said she has been fundraising for the displays since the Eagle Butte Community Club disbanded.

The displays are ordered by late fall, so fundraising takes place year-round.

Ganje said this year she was trying to make the show a little longer without delays between sets, and she thinks they found the “sweet spot” for length of time and quality of show.

The fireworks account is kept separate from the city account and is used only for the purchase of fireworks, Ganje said.

Kain Newbrough, Charlee Witt, Kobi Lee and Kyrie Newbrough sit on the bleachers at Schupick park waiting for the City of Eagle Butte fireworks display to begin. Photo by Jody Rust

The fire departments are on standby each year to guarantee the safety of the show for the enjoyment of all who attend.