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E.A.G.L.E. Center STEPS-UP Educational Accountability

Educational accountability in its simplest definition means holding the educational system responsible for providing a good education to all students. With this in mind, E.A.G.L.E. Center teachers are writing syllabi for their classes. Each syllabus conducts an inventory of online educational programs to determine alignment with state standards, rigor, and accountability to our students and parents. Programs used for instruction include Acellus Academy, Achieve 3000, and Google Classroom.

The Acellus program is a web-based instructional program that offers individualized, video-based interactive instruction with differentiated lessons. The program is self-paced and lessons can be completed at a time convenient for the student. Attendance is based on time spent working on each subject outlined in that student’s academic plan. The Acellus program covers all state learning standards for Science, ELA (English Language Arts) and Math. The instructional level can be adjusted for rigor to address most student needs. Live monitoring allows the teacher to track student progress and the program prompts the teacher if that person needs extra assistance.

Achieve 3000 is a web-based literary program that operates on two fundamental premises: a) literacy unlocks student achievement, and b) differentiated instruction is the key to improving literacy. A placement test is given at the start of instruction. This test places each student at their entry reading level (Lexile), and then presents each subsequent article at an appropriate level. The program constantly monitors Lexile level and increases difficulty as the student demonstrates growth. ELA uses a 5- Step literacy sequence. Nonfiction articles and follow-up activities are matched to each student’s individual learning profile. The program helps students to develop fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. Science and Social Studies rotate teaching Achieve 3000 on a quarterly basis.

Google Classroom is a learning platform that allows teachers to design customized learning material. The teacher creates curriculum and uploads lessons for instruction on the web. All teachers use the Zoom program for group and individual meetings.

The E.A.G.L.E. Center offered a lecture series for parents and other concerned members of the public to assist in understanding online internet instruction. On October 20th, Patricia Harper presented “What does My Hybrid/Virtual Student Do?” which covered Zoom operating functions.  The Acellus program was covered on October 27th in a presentation by Dr. James Padilla titled “How to Follow my Hybrid/Virtual On-line Learner Using Acellus”. The third and final presentation, “How to Follow My Hybrid/Virtual On-Line Learner Using Achieve 3000”was presented on November 3rd by Dr. Padilla.  All offerings featured hands on demonstrations and participant practice on: 1) how to use virtual programs   2) how to monitor student progress, and 3) how to assist students with assignments.



E.A.G.L.E. Center celebrates success with six students recognized by the national office for achieving high Lexile Level growth in Achieve3000 for the First Quarter of the 2021-2022 School Year.

Aliah Condon-Iron Bird

Cruz Bruguier

Jaxon Garreau

Loukas Bruguier

Julian Red Bear

Kayliah Clown

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