Thursday, April 25, 2019

Eagle Butte

Dupree’s Drama Club presents the play LOCKDOWN

The Dupree JH/HS Drama Department recently put on the play LOCKDOWN by Douglas Craven. 

Changing it up from the usual comedy style plays that DHS has done in the past, LOCKDOWN was a serious play about the topic of school intruders and school shootings. 

The play shows students huddled in a dimly lit classroom as their teacher and peers at various times during the play work with each other to try to stay calm and follow the school lockdown procedures.

The characters are not sure if the lockdown is a drill or an actual lockdown, and they go through various stages of emotional distress, from anger to fear. They cry, argue and want their parents.

They struggle with whether to  try and make a run for it or stay put.

The play includes a cast from grades 7-12 and was directed by Patty and Mark Peacock.

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