Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Eagle Butte

Dupree Tigers compete against Tiospaye Topa Thunderhawks in double header

Dupree’s varsity  girls’ and JV basketball teams defeated Tiospaye Topa 71- 54 and 60-33 respectfully.

Dupree’s varsity boys’ lost to Tiospaye Topa 40-56 this past weekend.

According to team statistics provided by Dupree, the lead scorer for Dupree’s varsity girls was McKenna Dupris with 16 points followed by Marlene Woodward with 12 points.

Kadynse Buffalo and Natalie Veit lead the team with 11 and 10 rebounds. Sidni Ferguson had 6 assists.

Statistics for TTS were not submitted.

Ford Traversie and Floyd Traversie led the Dupree boys’ varsity in scoring and J. Hill and J. Guajardo lead TTS in scoring. 

TTS is set to play C-EB JV and varsity teams on Jan. 10, but Dupree is not scheduled to C-EB this season.

Basketball season runs through February. TTS, Dupree and Takini are all both Class B schools playing in Region 8.