Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Dupree students receive gifts from Hawkwing Organization

Last week Dupree School students were fortunate to receive Christmas gifts from the Hawkwing Organization. Hawkwing began through a promise by Rochelle Ripley to her Lakota grandmother to “go home and help the People.”

The organization helps people on the Cheyenne River Lakota/Sioux Reservation by providing basic items, books and toys, repairing homes, and bringing in medical staff to the area. This time, they provided toys to PreK-5th grade students and very soft blankets to 6-12th grade students.

Hawkwing reached out to the Dupree school last fall and got the numbers of girls and boys in each class. Then they worked with Mrs. Peacock to assure that the items would be sorted/passed out in a timely manner.  To do that, Mrs. Peacock had a number of high school students assist, which was a lot of fun for them as they got to be “elves” and deliver presents during the school day. Hawkwing also provided items to Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School students this year.

The mission of the Hawkwing Organization includes the following goals: working to facilitate understanding among all cultures by promoting diversity and spiritual understanding and building bridges; doing outreach to all cultures and age groups; assisting young people and adults with personal development and growth by experiencing Lakota storytelling and history; offering meaningful community service volunteer opportunities for youth and adults both on the reservation and in New England; assisting the children and elders of reservations in South Dakota to fill unmet basic human needs arising out of extreme poverty; continuing to build bridges of understanding between Native and non-Native people; and working to foster economic self-sufficiency among the Lakota people.

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