Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Eagle Butte

Dupree students adjust to homeschool life

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life in many ways for Americans and here on Cheyenne River, we are in our third week of school cancellations. Teachers from area schools have worked to continue educating their students in various ways: online education, learning packets, and even live broadcasting lessons. Dupree students are also adjusting to these changes and are learning to live in a homeschool environment. Here are some photos of their adventures:

Homeschool kids and their families have more flexibility and this crew took a field trip to learn about fishing. In the end, mom caught the fish, but everyone had a great time fishing and enjoying the beautiful weather. Left to right: Bessie Eagle Chasing and Kiah and Myleigh Dupris.

Case DePoy’s cat Rocket doesn’t seem to understand social distancing and he’s enjoying the homeschool time a great deal as he’s getting a chance to learn too while hanging out with Case more.

Like many recently new homeschool students, Kobe and Melanie Veit are trying to do their homework while their little sister Kaylee tries to distract them.

Kennedy and Kross McLellan enjoying the social distancing by having extra time for siblings.

Above: Emily Olsen made homemade pretzels as part of her Family and Consumer Science class homework.

Reese Ganje is using the new homeschooling schedule to get some more hours in at the Dupree LTM. She wears protective coveralls and gloves while working.

Right: Royce Grueb doesn’t care for the packets of paper homework that he has to do at the kitchen table, but he loves having a more flexible schedule during his beloved calving season.

Far Right: “Show and Tell” has a whole new meaning when you’re homeschooling during calving season. Here, Jada Brewer is at the table doing homework while a new calf is in the kitchen with her.

During homeschooling, as Maxwell Peacock demonstrates that art class, which can turn into hobby painting, can be conducted outside. Making your backyard your classroom keeps within social distancing and provides lots of natural lighting.