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Dupree Schools receive report cards from the state

Each year the South Dakota Department of Education releases data on standardized test results, attendance, staffing preparation/education, and other areas which examine how schools in South Dakota are performing. 

Testing information for the high school category is based off scores from the junior class and is analyzed in the “College/Career Readiness” percentage. That percentage is calculated using a formula that incorporates the spring Smarter Balanced testing data, the National Career Readiness Certificate results, Accuplacer test data (an exam used by vocational schools and some college for course placement in math and English), and data from ACT tests.  

Charts of data, compiled from information posted by the SD Department of Education on the South Dakota Report Card website, show academic strengths and recommended areas of improvements of schools. The reports can be viewed at sdschools.sd.gov, an informative website where results of every school within the state which submits its data is analyzed and available for viewing. Some schools, such as Takini and Tiospaye Topa, which are tribally managed, are not listed in the state information.

When you type in the name of a school, the first information shown is the Overall Score that the state assigns to each school that they analyze. The Overall Score is calculated for the high school using their math and English scores, Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate (students that graduate in four years), College and Career Readiness data, English language proficiency, and high school completion.    

In the elementary and junior high, the Overall Score is calculated by using the school’s math and English scores, academic growth over three years, English language proficiency, and school quality.

Dupree High School did exceptionally well in the College and Career Readiness category, with data showing 64% of students as prepared for post-high school studies, compared to the state average which was 48%. Dupree High School also had an overall average ACT score of 20, while the state average in this area was 22.  

English was once again a strength for DHS with their average of 57%, compared to the state average of 54%. Statistics showed that students made improvements in math, compared to the 2018 school year, when none of the students rated as proficient/advanced. This year, 33% of the class qualified for that title.  

However, in the junior high, Dupree continues to struggle with the academic tests as shown in the English and math score percentages, which were relatively similar to last year at about 20-25% lower than the state average.  

As far as Dupree Elementary, which students in grades 3-6 were tested and analyzed for this report card, there was room for growth, with statistics showing a drop of 18% below the state average in both English and math.  

In closing, the data produced from this report should be considered when viewing a school and its students. The tests are given in a few days and do not represent an entire student body’s abilities or achievements. Some students are not strong test takers and other personal factors can impact how well students perform on a test.