Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Eagle Butte

Dupree Powerlifters travel to O’Gorman Meet in Sioux Falls

The Dupree Powerlifting team, along with their volunteer coach Shannon Hinrichs, recently traveled to Sioux Falls to compete in the O’Gorman Meet. There were over 200 high school students lifting and Dupree brought home two medals. 

This is the second year that DHS has had a powerlifting team, and it has grown in size and achievements.

They are very committed to their efforts and lift four to five times a week; even meeting on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, etc.

Their next meet will be the SD State Powerlifting meet in Sioux Falls on March 9.

The team and their coach greatly appreciate the support they’ve received from friends and family, as well as from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and Dupree School.

Results are listed as: Name, Weight Division, Placing in Division, Best Squat, Best Bench, Best Deadlift.

Dupree High School Powerlifters who competed in Sioux Falls January 5 were Coach Shannon Hinrichs, Roman Straight Head, Maxwell Peacock, and Cade Johnson; Evan Hollow Horn, Chessa McDaniel, Megan Hinrichs, CL Pederson, Angel Johnson, and Malory Peacock. Photo by Patty Peacock

Cade Johnson, a junior at DHS, placed fourth in the HWT division. In this photo he is deadlifting 525 pounds. Photo by Patty Peacock

CL Pederson, a senior at DHS, placed second in the males weighing 117-130 pounds division. Here he is lifting 350 pounds, almost three times his personal weight in the deadlift category. Photo by Patty Peacock

CL Pederson, Male to 117-130, 2nd, 290, 230, 350; Cade Johnson, Male HWT, 4th, 430, 280, 525; Max Peacock, Male 232-264, 8th, 300, 225, 365; Roman Straight Head, Male 183-205, 13th, 300, 400, 220; Evan Hollow Horn, Male 146-163, 23rd, 175, 150, 270; Chessa McDaniel, Female 139-158, 8th, 200, 115, 265; Angel Johnson, Female 159-185, 11th, 150, 100, 210; Malory Peacock, Female 159-185, 12th, 135, 65, 195; Megan Hinrichs, Female under 103, No Placing, 135, 105, none qualified.