Sunday, May 31, 2020

Eagle Butte
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Dupree Locals…

Maurice, Sandy, and Dustilyn Lemke along with their granddaughter Riggin James spent last weekend at Jack’s RV Park in Piedmont.  Their daughter Catelyn and Zeke Scarborough of Ft. Pierre joined them for the weekend as well.  Time was spent with medical appointments, Story Book Island, Reptile Gardens, and Keystone.  Maurice and Sandy were joined by Carl Griffith for a Saturday Evening of dancing at the Canyon Lake Center to the Wilt Bros. Band.

Shawn, Kathy and Spencer Olsen spent Sunday through Saturday at the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area.  They went to Sioux City to pick up Emily and Kaya Cuny from Catalyst Collective Camp on Friday. 

Spencer Olsen spent Saturday night at the home of Rusty and Shelley Brehmer. 

Shawn and Kathy Olsen, Emily and Spencer were Sunday morning visitors at the home of Rusty and Shelley Brehmer.