Saturday, July 20, 2019

Eagle Butte

Dupree Handgame Teams to host wacipi and handgame tournament

The Dupree School Handgame Teams will be sponsoring, for the first time ever, a wacipi and handgame tournament on Friday, March 29. In preparation for the tournament, they held a design contest in order to gather designs for their t-shirts/hoodies (given as prizes) and for their flyers/posters (that will be used to promote the event). The Dupree students that created designs chosen to represent the special event are pictured here: Maxwell Peacock (first place and the design for the hoodies/t-shirts), Wetu White Plume (first place for flyers/posters and 2nd place for t-shirts), Lordes Dupris (second place for flyers/posters), and Wamni Afraid of Hawk (third place for both flyers and t-shirt designs). The prizes were as follows: $50 for first place, $25 for second place, and $10 for third place. Photo by Patty Peacock