Monday, September 16, 2019

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Dupree Elementary hosts project day

The Dupree Elementary held a project day on Wednesday, May 15.  Students completed projects from many different subject areas wich were on display throughout the school. 

Most students had an art piece on display from their Art class as well as projects from their classrooms that they had completed either individually or in groups during school. 

Students also had the opportunity to work on a project at home with their parents many of which were also  on display. 

Students have been working very hard on their projects. They each received a paw print string bag for the projects done at school and were given a movie certificate for projects done at home.

Kasidee Mestes and Kami McLellan pose with their project about North Carolina. Photos by Kathy Olsen

Second grade projects. Photo by Kathy Olsen

Teagan Longbrake stands with her project piece on U.S. Coins.

Fifth grade projects. Photo by Kathy Olsen

Fifth grade projects. Photo by Kathy Olsen

Sixth grade Poetry Books. Photo by Kathy Olsen