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Dupree City council members conduct public interview and regular business

Council members interviewed a potential candidate for the Dupree City Maintenance meeting Dec. 4 at the beginning of the meeting and at the end of the regular meeting, went into executive session to discuss the potential hire.

In the financial report was reviewed and approved without discussion. Mayor Jim Veit asked to see where the budget was last year a compared to this year, and found that last year at this time the budget expenditures were at $322,000 or $326,000, and this year the expenditures are at $348,000.

Veit indicated that the budgeting for the year has been well-managed, and expenses are close to last year’s despite the purchases and numerous repair expenses that were needed on equipment over the past year.

The Dupree School Board requested the city replace light bulbs on poles west of the school to the newer and brighter LED lights so that after school pick-up is safer, reported Veit.

The lights on four poles will cost the city $570 each and should be maintained by Moureau Grand Electric, according to Viet. Viet added that the lights come with a 10-year warranty.

The board agreed that safety is an important issue that the lights may help deter potential crime, so they passed the motion to replace the four lights without further discussion.

Viet also reported that the metal casings on the meters were making it difficult to insert the radios for the new meter readers.  As a result, they ordered fiberglass lids so they can drill them to attach the radios.

Financial Officer Maurice Lemke explained that the City has on several occasions provided information for State reports about the Fire Department, but recommended that the Fire Department Chief provide that information to the state since they are incorporated independent of the county or the city.

Lemke’s concern, he said, is that he does not always accurately report the correct titles and numbers of employees, and it would be beneficial to the Fire Department to communicate directly with the state to avoid any mistakes in the reporting process.  The council members were in agreement.

In a recent safety inspection, Veit said the city was advised to prohibit the use of cell phones while operating city equipment, and install safety valves near torches on pipes to prevent potential fire from going back into tanks.

Viet recommended the city draft policy changes to address the safety inspection results.

In other news, the city approved a bonus of $250 for the financial officer and mayor, and $150 for part time maintenance employers for the end-of-year, holiday season.

Finally, the city discussed having a float in the Parade of Lights, but no one said they had the time or the proper equipment to put one together.