Friday, August 14, 2020

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Dupree city council considers request from Faith, wraps up water projects

The City of Dupree met Monday evening covering its usual business, wrapping up old business and listening to a request from one visitor.

Glen Haines, Mayor of the City of Faith, visited with the council concerning the Faith ambulance service.

Haines asked the City of Dupree for financial support of the Faith Ambulance Service.

Dupree has not had an ambulance service in at least 4 years, said Maurice Lemke, financial officer, and possibly even longer than that, said Sam Owen, Ward III.

Dupree receives services from ambulance providers in Eagle Butte and Faith. Haines’ request comes when costs for the service are rising, and he is making efforts to ensure the City of Faith is able to maintain their service.

Mayor Jim Veit said the City will consider whether or not they will support the Faith ambulance and if they do, how much they will contribute, at the July 10 meeting.

Veit and council members want to check to make sure there are no plans to renew the City of Dupree’s ambulance service before committing funds to another city’s service.

“Once you lose the service, it is hard to get it back,” Haines said. “We are hoping to stay in business.”

In other business, all of the new water meters have been installed with the new system. These new meters have a 20-year battery life, said Lemke.

Two of the meters were discovered to be recording information backwards by the new computer, Mayor Jim Veit explained.

In other maintenance news, Arlene Martin, Ward III, questioned the progress of tire removal at the Cenex, which is considered both a fire and mosquito hazard.

Mayor Veit said that Vernon Starr is working on arranging the removal of the tires.

Garbage is still an issue. The dumpsters have been emptied twice since the last meeting, but they may need to be called to come again, Mayor Veit said.

Unalee Howe, Ward I, said that the tribe is scheduling a large trash pick-up, and people will be able to have washers, dryers and other large appliances removed. She referred the council to the tribal offices for additional details.

Local rancher, Lonnie Anderson, will haul a few loads of gravel for the city, Veit said.

The YMCA requested permission to paint a cross walk by their facility and put up pedestrian signs at their expense. The council approved the request unanimously.

The Dupree Alumni Association requested a spikers permit for the Dupree Pioneer Days celebration, and their request was also approved with a contingency from Howe to make sure they follow all of the pertinent regulatory laws. 

The City is eager to wrap up the Waste Water Treatment Project and included in the bills Monday evening payments that would complete the city’s obligation for the project.

The project was possible with funds from a CWFC grant and a DWSRF loan, according to an email to the city from Marlene Knutson, Executive Director of the Central South Dakota Enhancement District located in Pierre.

According to the email, which Lemke read aloud to the council members, the city is responsible for $800, to be paid out to Brosz Engineering, and $5,580.54 to be paid out to Sharp Enterprises.

The remaining amounts owed to Sharpe Enterprises for the Phase I portion of the project of $94,859.70 is covered by the CWFC grant funds, $4078.97, and the DWSRF Loan #2 funds, $9070.73.

The remaining amount owed to Sharpe for the Phase II portion of the project of $15,564.60, is covered by the CWFC grant funds, $378.97, and the DWSRF Loan #2 funds, $9605.09.

In its final act of the evening, the council went into executive session to discuss a personnel issue, after which the council voted on and passed a motion to place Jesse Olvera, who is in charge of city maintenance, on a 30-day probationary period, during which time he must acquire his CDL, complete inventory, and ensure punctuality. If requirements are not met, he faces possible termination.