Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Eagle Butte
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Mostly cloudy

Dupree Basketball

Shawnee Lawrence (34)  and Sierra Eaton (31) going up for two in the 7th & 8th girls basketball game vs. Timber Lake on 11-20-17. 7th grade lost 21-30 and 8th grade lost 19-24.

Chloe Dupree (55)  and Emily Spencer below (58) played 7th & 8th Grade BB vs. McIntosh on 11-21-17. 7th grade won 28-13 and 8th grade won 29-17 Photos by Kathy Olsen

Tyler Stambach (striped green basketball shorts),  Josh Morrison (40) and JW Pederson far left played in the 5th & 6th Boys Baskeball games vs. Bison. 5th grade won 28-13 and 6th grade won 27-22. In the games vs. Timber Lake 5th grade boys lost 20-36 and 6th grade boys lost 19-21