Friday, March 22, 2019

Eagle Butte

Dupree Attends State Student Council Convention

For the first time in the history of DHS, members of the DHS Student Council and their advisors, Patty & Mark Peacock, attended the SDSCA State Convention.  The event welcomed 1028 high school students as well as numerous adult advisors/chaperones to the Rapid City Civic Center.

While at the SDSCA Convention, the students attended an outstanding keynote speakers presentation as Mike Smith, ‘the professional teenager’, shared about his life growing up in rural Nebraska as a truly average person (18 on the ACT, 2.4 GPA, and being a 5’ll” white male named Mike Smith) that with drive and focus has done some amazing things to help people all over the world while following his own dreams. 

As a high school student, he dreamed of opening a massive skate park/coffee shop/concert venue and he has done that and more.  He manages four huge non-profit groups and a big business that sells high quality ski and skate gear.  For every stocking cap he sells (which are made for very cold weather for skiers; even though he wears on 97% of the time because he likes that look), he donates one to a homeless person.  He has donated over 100,000 high quality stocking caps.

In addition, he manages a few websites, such as ‘Find Your Grind’ which is a career education platform that schools all over the world use.  He also does leadership courses that are 12 weeks a year (5 in the fall, 5 in the spring, and 2 in the summer) where he helps teens become stronger leaders.  He has done, and is doing many things, with his overall goal being to end generational poverty and he talked to the students about what they can do in their own communities, and outside them, to help others.

In addition to the keynote, the students attended mini sessions on topics such as stress, college readiness, helping those with disabilities to get more out of life and how to help them make friends, making good decisions, engaging with their communities, dangers of drug use, life in Native American boarding schools, round tables where students could learn about what other councils do for fun and fund raising, and working with the Black Hills Humane Society.

Dupree High School Student Council members that attended, with their advisors Patty & Mark Peacock,  the SD Student Council Convention in Rapid City.  Front (L-R):  Sidni Ferguson, Megan Hinrichs, Kelci Bends, Tayla Thorstenson, Abby Martin, and Shantell Brewer.  Back (L-R):  Malory Peacock, Garrett Fischer, Keenan McDaniel, and Jacob Anderson Jr.

On the fun side of things, there was a night where students could rotate from a variety of amazing options including a dance, karaoke, dodge ball, laser tag, and so much more.  A second night included a fancy banquet for the students to attend where some awards were presented and the students that had done campaign speeches were told who had been voted into the offices.  Lastly, the total amount earned by the SD student councils across the state (each did their own activities and then donated the amount to a big total) for the SD Children’s Miracle Network was announced and that total was $27,492!!