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Dupree Academic and Fine Arts Awards Ceremony

The Dupree Junior High School/High School held their annual Academic and Fine Arts Awards ceremony on May 5. Each staff member, as well as members of the administration, presented awards. Recipients are listed in alphabetical order.

Angel Anderson: Honor Student, Student Council, Forensics. Sadie Anderson: 8th History, 8th Lakota, 8th Science-Kindness. Dominique Arthur: 7th Lakota. Evalyn Ashley: Lakota II.

Fletcher Birkeland: 8th Science-Always Trying, Student Council. Tee Birkeland: Student Council. Jamie Black Moon: 7th TRIO, 8th Computers. Collins Blue Coat: 7th TRIO, 7th Computers. Bobby Brewer: World History, 10th TRIO, Student Council. Joseph Brewer: 8th History, 8th Science, 8th Math-Hardest Worker, 8th Lakota. Jace Bridwell: NHS. Kayle Bridwell: 7th Lakota.

Ashton Cloud Eagle: Lakota II. Kae Lynn Clown: Lakota. Phoenix Clown: Nat. Am. History. Cameron Dekle: choir solo. Garrick Dekle: 7th Lakota. Rio De La Rosa: 8th History. Zoey De La Rosa: School Play, SD Hist. Case DePoy: World History. Bailee Donovan: 8th Rdg. Michael Donovan: Student Council. Lourdes Dupris: Health Educ., Student Council, Lakota I. Max Dupris: 7th Rdg.

Yasmin Eagle Chasing: English II. Sierra Eaton: Student Council, English III-Most Improved. Charly Etzkorn: Choir solo.

Carsyn Farlee: Geography, 4.0 GPA. Cassidy Farlee: 4.0 GPA award. Shayna Farlee: School Play/Superior Acting Medal, Student Council.

Radley Grueb: 7th Rdg, Hardest Worker, 7th TRIO, 7th Science, 7th Computers.

Nathan Hall: 10th TRIO. Maliyah High Elk: English I-Most Improved. Evan Hollow Horn: Honor Student, NHS, 1st Financial Bank Schol. Jessa Hunt: 9th TRIO.

Tiana Iron Hawk: US Hist. Keyra Jeffries: 8th Computers, 8th Math-Hardest Worker. Kyann Knight: 7th Lakota.

ShaKinley Lafferty: Student Council. Lany LaPlante: NHS, US Hist. Reese Lawrence: Honor Student. Trinity Leithauser: 9th TRIO, TRIO Tutor, English I, School Play. Alan Lemke: School Play Tech, English II-Most Improved.

Erin Lemke: DAR Award, NHS, Student Council, US Govt., Choir Solo, Valedictorian/Honor Student, 12th TRIO, 4.0 GPA, English IV, David Webb Memorial Schol., Vicki Young Memorial Schol., DHS Alumni Schol. Dustilyn Lemke: NHS, 11th TRIO, Chemistry, US Hist. Matthew Lemke: World History, 10th TRIO. Wyatt Lemke: Highest AR Library Points, School Play.

Noah Little Wounded: Lakota I. Tristan Little Wounded: Honor Student, NHS, 12th TRIO. Jazmyn Longbrake: Student Council. MacKenzie Longbrake: Honor Student, Child Dev., English IV, 1st Financial Bank Schol.

Marty Marshall: 7th Science-Most Improved. Kami McLellan: 7th Math-Hardest Worker 7th Science-Kindness. Klayte McLellan: Student Council. Daxton McDaniel: 10th TRIO. Logan McKenzie: English I-Most Improved. Traden Meeks: 4.0 GPA, Student Council, 7th Math, 7th TRIO, 7th Rdg, 7th Science, 7th Computers. Cheyenne Miner: 8th Science-Most Improved, 8th Computers. Gary Miner: Lakota.

Zuyala Oakie: 8th Rdg Highest Grade, 8th Math, 8th Science. Emily Olsen: English III, Child. Dev., Chemistry, NHS President, Student Council President. Spencer Olsen: 4.0 GPA, 8th Rdg Highest Grade, Top 8th Science, 8th History, 8th TRIO, 8th Computers, Student Council.

Eli Padilla: English IV, Nat. Am. History. JC Pederson: 4.0 GPA, SD Hist., Student Council, Consumer Affairs, Geography, 9th TRIO, English I, Physical Science. JW Pederson: 4.0 GPA, Geography, Student Council, English II, Biology. Alliya Pesicka: School Play Stage Help. Fallon Peterson: 4.0 GPA, 8th Rdg-Hardest Worker. Kinzee Peterson: US Hist., NHS.

Wambli Quintana: Wrld History, 10th TRIO, English II, Biology. Rylin Rousseau: 11th TRIO.

Mae Belle Schlect: 8th Science-Most Improved. Braxton Schad: 8th Rdg-Hardest Worker. Paria Semon: 8th History, 8th TRIO, 8th Computers. Payton Semon: 8th TRIO, 7th Math. Taylor Sierra: Lakota II, NHS, Salutatorian/Honor Student, Forensics. Haydon Starr: 4.0 GPA, 11th TRIO, NHS, US History. Jaysia Starr: 4.0 GPA, SD Hist., English I.

Braydon Terveen: 4.0 GPA, 9th TRIO, SD Hist., Geography, Phys. Science. Hudson Terveen: Student Council, 7th Math, 7th Science. Tanner Thorstenson: 7th Rdg-Hardest Worker, 7th Science. Treg Thorstenson: 4.0 GPA, NHS Vice Pres. Riley Tibbs: School Play.

Rae Lynn Vines: NHS. Samara Ward Martel: 7th TRIO, 7th Science, 7th Math-Hardest Worker, 7th Computers.

Lamont White Feather: 8th TRIO. Katana Woods: Honor Student, HD Cash Money Schol., 1st Financial Bank Schol., Leo Bakeberg Memorial Schol., English IV, US Govt., Student Council, NHS. Nick Woods: 8th Rdg-Hardest Worker. Minda Woodward: 8th Math, 8th Rdg-Most Improved.

Kali Young: 8th Rdg Highest Grade, 8th Math, 8th Computers, 8th History, 8th TRIO. Kayclynn Young: English I, Health Educ.

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