Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Eagle Butte

District 20-1 School Board Earns a Silver Medal Level Award from ASBSD

Eagle Butte School Board Members: Jackson Neigel, Brad LeCompte, Kyle Ward, Sammi Ducheneaux, Charles Shupick, and Tina Neigel.
Submitted Photo.

Silver Medal winners, members of the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 20-1 District School Board (D20-1), received their honor after a year of participating in endeavors that show their level of commitment to ALL, which stands for Act, Learn, Lead.

ALL is a system designed by the Associated School Boards of South Dakota (ASBSD) to assess the level of commitment to improvement of their school boards through engaging in events that enhance their knowledge as board members throughout the school year.

D20-1 members earned enough points in each of the ALL categories to qualify for a Silver award from ASBSD and was presented that award Oct. 4 by ASBD Leadership Development and Teacher Placement Director Dr. Randall Royer.

“The Eagle Butte School Board is committed to their students, staff and community, and we’re pleased to honor and recognize their hard work and dedication,” said ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany.

This award system is in its inaugural year.  To earn a Gold Level Award, the board would need to earn 500 points. To earn a Silver Level Award, the board would need to earn 350 points, and to earn a Bronze Level Award, the board would need to earn 250 points. According to the ASBSD website, ALL’s point system is applied as follows:

ACT: Activities in this category demonstrate participation at various board functions. Examples would include attending ASBSD region meetings, Legislative Day, Annual Joint Convention or the NSBA national convention. This category is measured and points are assigned as to how many functions a board member has attended.

•Delegate Assembly (attendance) – 25 pts.

•Legislative Day – 30 pts.

•Region Meetings – 10 pts.

•ASBSD/SASD Joint Convention – 20 pts.

•NSBA National Convention – 20 pts.

•Presenter @ ASBSD/SASD Joint Convention – 20 pts.

•Presenter @ NSBA National Convention – 20 pts.

LEARN: Activities in this category center around board member training opportunities board members have attended and completed. Examples would include taking courses online through School Board U, or attending face to face training sessions for board specific workshops or ASBSD regional events. Points are assigned based on the learning opportunity and completion of that event. GAVEL Training (face-to-face or SBU) counts for a total of 3 years (past, present and future) under Learning Opportunities.

•GAVEL Workshops (face-to-face)

•School Board Governance – 40 pts.

•Fiscal Responsibility – 40 pts.

•Strategic Planning – 40 pts.

•School Board U (online training)

•School Board Governance – 30 pts.

•Fiscal Responsibility – 30 pts.

•Strategic Planning – 30 pts.

•New School Board Member Workshop – 30 pts.

•Ethical School Board Service – 30 pts.

•Board President/Superintendent Relationship – 30 pts.

•Collective Bargaining Seminar – 25 pts.

•Legislative Action Network (LAN) Training – 20 pts.

•School Law Seminar – 30 pts.

•Collective Bargaining Workshop – 20 pts.

•Board Member Roles and Responsibilities Workshop – 40 pts.

•Other Training Opportunities not listed – 20 pts

LEAD: Activities in this category focus on leadership events or activities where board members take on a leadership role or participate in leadership training. Points are awarded for the involvement of the individual in a particular office, position or training. Examples would include serving as state board officer, attending the President’s Retreat/Workshop, or representing your District at ASBSD’s Delegate Assembly. Points are assigned based upon the activity or event, or completion of the leadership training.

•ASBSD President’s Workshop – 40 pts.

•ASBSD Board Director – 50 pts.

•ASBSD Board Officer – 2nd VP – 25 pts.

•ASBSD Board Officer – 1st  VP – 25 pts.

•ASBSD Board Officer – President – 50 pts.

•ASBSD Board Officer – Past President – 50 pts.

•LAN officer – 25 pts.

•Delegate at Delegate Assembly – 25 pts.

•State Education Committee, Task Force, Board, or advisory – 50 pts.

•Protective Trust Board Member – 50 pts.

•Good News Bulletin Submission – 25 pts.

Eagle Butte’s D20-1’s school board members are Tina Neigel, Charles Shupick, Jackson Neigel, Jim Bowman, Sammi Ducheneaux, Kyle Ward,  and Brad LeCompte.

ALL’s purpose is to help boards do their jobs more effectively and provide them recognition for the work they do. 

Each regularly scheduled District 20-1 Board meeting at 5:30 p.m. is held the second Monday of each month at C-EB Administration Office.