Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Eagle Butte

DENR recognizes Tri-County Rural Water System for drinking water compliance

PIERRE – The South Dakota Department of Environment and  Natural  Resources  (DENR) announced toda y that the Tri-County Rural Water System public water system and the system’s operation specialists have been awarded a Drinking Water Certificate of Achievement Award.

“Most customers don’t realize what it takes to meet all of the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and all too often take for granted the efforts done behind the scenes to protect the health and welfare of their community by these unsung heroes, 11 said DENR Secretary Steve Pirner. “DENR wants to recognize the Tri-County Rural Water System and their system operation specialists for their diligence in providing safe drinking water to their customers in 2018.11

The system’s operation specialists are William Longbrake , Leo Fischer, Kelly Berndt, Dan Marsha ll, Joseph Garreau, Scott Fischer, Dysan Lends His Horse, Ted Maupin and Frank Lesmeister .

To qualify for the Drinking Water Certificate of Achievement Award ,  public  water  systems and their system operations specialists had to meet all of the following requirements for 2018:

• compliance monitoring and repo rting , drinking water standards , and certification requirements.