Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Daily update from Chairman Frazier

Total case count as of today is 40 positive cases, and a total of 3,994 tests have been conducted, with 3,954 negatives. There are 626 test kits available at this time. There are two cases in Swiftbird, with potential exposure in ten homes that are now quarantined, said Chairman Frazier in his radio address today.

Medical Hotline Number: 605-964-0563

Behavioral Health Hotline: 605-964-1545

CRST Command Center: 605-964-3637

Facebook page:

Daily updates:

Free Testing

Free drive through testing for any resident of the reservation is at the following locations. You do not have to be Tribal member to be tested for free. More testing dates are to come. Go to any site, you do not have to wait for them to come to your town or area.

Other Notes

Do you see anything encouraging in the statistics? The Chairman replied that everyone needs to continue positive thinking; hope is coming down the road. Keep praying and stay positive.

Where is the next quarantine site? Things are going according to plan. In Eagle Butte, the girls dorm is in use now, the boys dorm is next. After that, if needed, are Isabel Manor and the Cheyenne River Motel. The Dupree YMCA and First Baptist Church in Eagle Butte have both offered facilities if needed.

What happens in the daily morning meeting? There is meeting every morning at 9:00 am meeting which lasts for 40-60 minutes. The Chairman commended everyone who shows up every single morning. In addition to the Chairman and his staff, the agenda and attendees are:

  • IHS, Charles (Festus) Fischer, number of tests and test kits available, admissions status
  • Tribal Health, Lynn Provost CEO, report on calls to hotlines
  • Infectious Disease, Danette Serr and Molly Longbrake, report on cases, tracing, primary and secondary contacts, number of quarantines
  • Environmental Health, Randolph Runs After, businesses and programs
  • CREDCO, J.D. Williams, report on tribal businesses, state of supplies
  • Tribal Education, Dr. Cherie Farley, Director, schools and challenges
  • Chief of Police, Chuck LeCompte
  • Checkpoints, Grady Kraft
  • Food and Supplies, Bob Dunsmore
  • Support Services, Jo Lawrence, report on elderly
  • CRST telephone services

When will roads be bladed again? Will get on BIA again and visit with Dakota Longbrake and get a report.

Can CARES Act money be used to get cloth gloves which are reusable? The CDC does not currently recommend the use of gloves because it’s too hard to take them off without increasing the risk of infection.

Can CARES Act money it be used for homeschooling? Great suggestion! The little ones are going to need all the help they can get. Older students may do fine with online school but it’s harder to learn online at the lower grade level, said the chairman.

Why aren’t Tribal employees mandated to wear masks? The Chairman will take a note.

How is the Foot Patrol in Wheat Ridge apartment complex doing? Compliance has been good with restriction in place so far, said Frazier.



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