Sunday, January 20, 2019

Eagle Butte

D.C. Trip gives C-EB juniors a “Close-up” of the nation’s business on the hill

Students from Florida, Oklahoma and Texas participated in the first Close Up program in the 1970-1971 school year, and it was not until the 1986-1987 school year that Bureau of Indian Education schools were made partners in the Close Up program, and students from Cheyenne-Eagle Butte schools began applying for and attending Close Up.

This year’s junior participants  said the program agenda kept them busy the whole time they were there.

They said they learned a lot about other people and their different cultures from across the country, and about different functions and branches of the government.

Jastyn Rousseau, Oliver Miner and Kiana Logg learned about civil disobedience while there, which is something they learned about in classes at C-EB.

Macy LaPlante said she is not a fan of cities, but DC would be worth another visit.

On the final night of the workshops, the students were asked to give a speech about what they learned at the workshops they attended. Junior Oliver Miner, who has aspirations of working in politics after he finishes his schooling, was chosen to speak on behalf his workshop members. His speech had all the elements of a great speach, expressing the humor and seriousness he and his peers experienced in the workshop, including being late to almost every session. He also inspired a sense of comradaree that echoed across the walls of the room and settled in his audience who rose in applause when he finished his speech.

A staff member from South Dakota’s Congressional Representative stopped to speak with Juniors Nathaniel Fast Wolf and Oliver Miner. Students had the opportunity to meet with people who work in various apsects of national government while on the Close-up trip to Washington, D.C.

Dressed to impress, and representing Cheyenne-Eagle Butte High School in Washington D.C. are Jastyn Rousseau, Luis Torres, Phannette Gray, Mato Dyda, Kiana Logg, Macy LaPlante, Oliver Miner, Jodi Schad, Nathaniel Fast Wolf, and Lauryn Clown posing in front of the Capitol building. C-EB has a long history of taking juniors who have gone through an application process to Washington D.C. for the Close Up program, where students participate in workshops, meet other students from other schools across the country, and experience a taste of how business on the hill works for the United States.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial was just one of the many memorials the C-EB Close Up students had the opportunity to visit while at the nation’s capital. Pictured here are Nathaniel Fast Wolf, Jastyn Rousseau, Lauryn Clown, Phannette Gray, Kiana Logg, Mato Dyda, Oliver Miner, Ruth Beckler, Macy LaPlante, and Jodi Schad.