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Eagle Butte
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CRST spots offer the public free camping & swimming

Sometimes getting away is not as easy as we would like, and although summer has arrived, there is still work to be done.

Many of us would like to visit the coast or hike the Rockies, but when money is tight and time short, knowing the local spots where you can spend time with family and friends at little cost can help to alleviate the humdrum and stress of work.

According to the CRST Game, Fish and Parks, the tourism department has no offices, but the workers at the GFP shared some spots where people can fish, swim and set up camp.

Camping spots include Rousseau’s Park, east of Eagle Butte. Also east of Eagle Butte is Forrest City, or Old Agency, along the west side of the Missouri River and then Bob’s Camping, Fishing and Boating on the east side of the Missouri.

Buffalo Lake is another place where people can fish, swim and camp, located on the southwest side of the reservation between Bridger and Howe’s Corner.

The Pump House is another popular spot. It is located south of Eagle Butte.

Mike Kennedy of GFP knows al the spots on the reservation where people can camp, swim and fish.

However, there is updated no map that has all of the spots marked for the public.

According to GFP, the Tourism division has not had an office in a while, as it was damaged at one point in time, and so these lactations have not been promoted for tourists and are mostly used by locals who know where they are or who can show others where they are.

Primitive camping needs on CRST are like they would be most places. Bring water, sleeping gear, a tent if you want coverage, trash bags to dispose of your own trash, food that you can store so that raccoons do not try to steal from you, and any other equipment you might need for swimming or fishing.

It is always best to check and make sure that you are not camping without permission on someone else’s property.

Designated spots for camping at Rousseau’s, Bob’s and Forrest City makes setting up camp easier and safer.

In areas where campsites are not as clear, check with local land owners or call Kennedy at GFP to make sure you are not camping in places that are reserved for private use or have cultural significance that would preclude camping.