Friday, August 7, 2020

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CRST Sales & Service launches new look and product line

CRST Sales & Service Sales Representative Amber LeBeau holds up a Pendleton sign during Monday’s Customer Appreciation sale. The store now operates a gift shop and is an exclusive dealer of Pendleton products.

When you walk into CRST Sales & Service, you are greeted by a friendly smile from Sales Representative Amber LeBeau. Since being hired in August of this year, she has made it her personal mission to provide the best quality customer service and to build trust with clients.

Last year, the store temporarily closed its doors and reopened earlier this year. LeBeau has been busy setting up a new storefront, sorting inventory, and expanding services and products.

From December 2-6 the store held a Customer Appreciation Sale and offered a free lunch on Monday. LeBeau enthusiastically welcomed everyone who entered the shop and informed them that there was a 50% off red tag sale on items throughout the store. She also invited attendees to enter a drawing for a chance to win prizes.

Visitors expressed delight at the new gift shop area which showcased a line of Pendleton items and handmade jewelry.

A whiteboard hung on the wall and everyone was encouraged to share feedback about the new store operations- the shop gained rave reviews, as did LeBeau, whose helpfulness and kindness were praised in the written messages.

The board was also meant to serve another important purpose, said LeBeau- it was the chance for people to share ideas about what kind of products they would like the store to carry.

“It is my goal as the sales representative to really match the customer service to the customers’ needs,” she said.

In the past, clients would have to wait weeks to receive their orders, which was detrimental to client relations, said LeBeau, who made it a priority to address and remedy this problem.

“It is important to me to rebuild relationships with customers. Sometimes things were back ordered for a long time. Now, we place orders every Wednesday and on Monday the items are delivered to office. I don’t want customers to wait because they need the supplies to do their job,” she said.

Added in-town delivery service is also a new component of customer care, said LeBeau, who shared that her co-worker personally delivers orders to clients.

“Someone ordered ink for their personal printer and another local artist ordered art supplies. We delivered to their homes and they were really surprised and happy. We don’t just deliver to departments and organizations,” she said.

Reestablishing their client base is just as important as creating relationships with new clients. LeBeau helped create the new CRST Sales & Service Facebook and Instagram accounts that showcases their products, hours of operations, phone numbers, and a message welcoming everyone to visit the store.

“In the past, a lot of organizations would just fax in their orders. It wasn’t really personable, but now they can come in and shop and look at products. There is a more personal connection,” she said.

The turnout to the Monday’s lunch and sale was better than expected. LeBeau had prepared enough food for about 40 people and by the 2PM, the food was gone.

“I wanted to show our appreciation to the customers for sticking with us during the hard times. And it’s just the native way to give back and feed people,” she happily said.

With a new staff, new products and services, the goal for the store is success and growth.

“The plans include expanding the gift shop if sales of current product sales are good, which would create extra jobs and stimulate the local economy. It’s always the goal to grow bigger. We are here to take care of Cheyenne River, the tribal programs and schools. We take care of our area and once we reestablish, we will reach out further,” said LeBeau.

For more information about CRST Sales & Service, you may call Amber at 605-964-2700.