Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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CRST Healing to Wellness Court


The Honorable Chief Judge Brenda Claymore secured the Healing to Wellness Court (Originally Named “Adult Drug Court”) grant, with assistance from Kim Traversie-Colliflower of the TECA Office. The project received funding for its first year through this TECA Grant. The Healing to Wellness Court received its award in September 2016. In July 2017, a Project Coordinator was hired for the Program, and in September 2017, a Court Compliance Officer was hired for the Program. The Healing to Wellness Court will be securing a Part-Time Judge for the project, and we are still advertising for a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. The TECA grant was to be completed at the end of September 2017, but a 1-year extension was requested and approved by the TECA Office.

Mission Statement:

First, our purpose is to create partnerships among service providers and community resources, to effectively address the behavioral health needs of court-involved substance abusing adults; thereby creating a safer and healthier community.

Second, we will assist our Native American People and Tribal Members in overcoming drug and alcohol problems, by providing coordinated court supervised therapeutic programs designated to help individual participants get free of drugs and alcohol, while reconnecting with family and community.

Healing to Wellness Court Purpose

The Healing to Wellness Court program seeks to reduce alcohol and other drug abuse, and recidivism among Adult, non-violent offenders who come before the Tribal Court. To accomplish this, intense judicial intervention and supervision will be utilized.

The Healing to Wellness Court is a Voluntary Diversion Program, which will take participants a minimum of 9 Months to complete, and will consist of the following mandatory components:

• Continued/Ongoing Sobriety

• Regular Court Appearances

• Regular/Random Alcohol and Drug Testing

• Education/Employment component

• Ongoing Communication and Contact with Program Staff, and Counselor

• Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Aftercare

• Community Service hours

• Recreational Activity hours

• Recovery/Support meetings

Program Eligibility

• Must Be at least 18 years of Age

• Must be a Resident of Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

• Must be a Member of a Federally Recognized Tribe

• Must Have, and Acknowledge, a substance abuse Issue or disorder.

• Charged in CRST Criminal Court with an Alcohol or drug offense or a charge where underlying factor was due to an alcohol or drug issue or disorder.

• Applicant must have a desire AND be motivated to change their life

Disqualifying Criteria

• Current Offense: Sale, Manufacture, or distributing a controlled substance. (Banishment Offenses)

• Violent Offenders, as defined by Federal Law.

• History and Pattern of Domestic Violence

• Evidence the applicant targeted vulnerable victims (elderly, Children)

• Sex Offender, current or history.

• Any other Criminal History that the Healing to Wellness Court determines as disqualifying.

What Program Participants will gain from completing the program:

First, upon acceptance into the program, any current or recent criminal charges, involuntary commitment order, or sentencing will be requested through the originating court to be held in abeyance, and your case transferred to the Healing to Wellness Court program.

Second, upon successful completion of the Healing to Wellness Court program, a recommendation that the charges, involuntary commitment or sentencing that was held in abeyance be expunged, or dismissed along with any court costs or fines.

Now, If a program participant chooses to drop out of the program, continually fails to comply with program requirements or is incapable of completing the program, a recommendation will be made to the originating court based on circumstances of the discharge, and the case will be transferred back to the original court. At which time they will continue with charges, court or sentencing, with the Healing to Wellness recommendations on record.

The Healing to Wellness Court program will give eligible participants a chance to help themselves, clear up any current criminal charges or involuntary commitment order, while learning to live a healthier life free of alcohol or drugs.

For More Information about the Healing to Wellness Court, please Contact our Office at 964-3586