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Eagle Butte
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CRST gas company office fire stalls strip mall businesses

On Thursday, July 4, a fire at the downtown shopping center in Eagle Butte destroyed the Cheyenne River Gas Company office and limited some aspects of the CRST Telephone Authority Sales and Service and Subway business operations.

“We cannot run the bread making machines or the toaster. We also cannot sell soft drinks out of the fountain machine. So, all we have for sandwiches is flat bread or wraps,” said a Subway employee.

CR Gas Company Director Bob Walters said that his company lost everything that was located in the front of the office. Persevering, Walters said the gas company was back in operations the very next day, delivering propane to customers.

“We will be okay,” Walters said.

For now, the CR Gas Company has moved to the old ambulance building in Eagle Butte, which Walters said may or may not be temporary.

Business is in full operation and CR Gas Company customers can still call 964-3307 to place orders.

CR Gas Company office, located south on Main in Eagle Butte caught fire over July 4th of July due to an electrical issue. Photo by Jody Rust

As of press time, the full extent and costs of the damage is unknown.