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CRST candidates petition for the primary ballot

On June 26, the tribe released a notice of the candidates who either petitioned or were nominated to run for various election seats in the CRST tribal government.

Verifications of district nomitations and petitions were made last week and were not yet released as of deadline.

Primary elections will be held in August, and the general election will be held on Nov. 6, 2018.

Below is a list of the candidates who have petitioned or been nominted for different tribal office positions.

Chairman-At-Large: Ryman G. LeBeau, petition; Harold Frazier, petition/nomination; Warren D. LeBeau, petition; Joseph Lafferty, petition; Kevin C. Keckler, petition; Robert R. Chasing Hawk, Sr., petition; Ronald Eugene Rousseau, petition; Derek Bartlett, petition.

Secretary-At-Large: Ev Ann White Feather, nomination; Delena Marrowbone Handboy, petition; Rhea E. LeCompte, petition.

Treasurer-At-Large: Nicole White Wolf, nomination; Sharon F. Lee, petition; Benita Cook Clark, petition; Tisha Moran, petition; Shelley Moran-Alkire, petition; Kenita Counting, nomination.

District #1 Council Representtive: Mike Frazier, petition; David A. Hale, petition; Muriel Vivian High Elk, petition; Wiyaka Chasing Hawk, petition; Bernita Inthewoods, petition; Carl High Bear, nomination; Codi M. High Elk, petition; Gerald A. Longbrake, petition; Randee Red Fox, petition; Steve Moran, petition; James D. Williams, petition; Lynn Provost, petition.

District #1 Chairman: Joleeen Strighthead, nomination; Joseph Eagle Boy, petition.

District #1 Secretary: Kimberly Rave, nomination.

District #2 Council Representative: NO VANCANCY

District #2 Chairman: Vacant

District #2 Secretary: Vacant

District #3 Council Representative: Jerry D. Taylor, petition; Aloysius Fast Horse, petition; Delores N. Curley, petition; Edward Widow, nomination; Sylvester Waloke, petition; Donna Sue Straighthead, petition; Billy Iron Hawk, petition; Devina Longbrake, petition.

District #3 Chairman: Sylvester Waloke.

District #3 Secretary: June Hollow Horn.

District #4 Council Representative: Russell D. Benoist, petition;  Donna Rae Petersen, petition; Ashley Red Elk, petition; Merrie Miller, petition; Vincent T. Dupris, petition; Belinda Aungie, petition; Jerris L. Veaux-LeBeau, petition; Scott Landreaux, Sr., petition; Zane Arpan, petition; Beau K. Kingfisher, petition; Melvin Traversie, petition; Branon V. Hawk Eagle, petition; Bill Eagle Staff, petition; Verzella LaPlante, petition; Jessica Four Bear, petition; Wendell L. Phillips Jr., petition.

District #4 Chairman: Ardys C. Cook, petition; Alvina Hump, petition.

District #4 Secretary: Vacant

District #5 Council Representative: Corey Scad, petition; Joseph E. Miner, petition; Randel J. Lawrence, nomination; Joy R. Howard-Red Bear, petition; Milton Jay Cook, Jr., petition; Raymond Uses the Knife, Jr., petition; JoHanna R. High Bear, petition; Carl “Sonny” Dupree, petition; Tristan Sampson, petition; Robert “Bob” Walters, petition; Dale L. Iron Lightning, petition; Joseph Brings Plenty Jr., petition.

District #5 Chairman: vacant

District #5 Secretary: vacant

District #6 Council Representative: Tuffy Thompson, petition; Richard Rousseau, petition; Jamie R. Ducheneaux, petition; Chuck LeCompte, petition; Anne M. LeCompte, petition.

District #6 Chairman: Mike Rousseau, petition; Michael Bowker nomination.

District #6 Secretary: Lisa M. Skye, nomination.