Monday, March 1, 2021

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COVID-19 current case count

January 19, 2021

Current COVID-19 Response Plan Level 5

Things of Note:

CNN reported that more than 60% of all US COVID-19 cases were reported since Election Day. Two new variants have emerged in recent weeks that are more contagious, one in the UK and one in Ohio. It is imperative that readers keep their guard up and go back to the stringent measures of last March and April. Globally the 7-day new case average went down this week but deaths are still going up.

Total deaths in the US passed 400,000 this week with 24.1 million people infected. The West River Eagle first reported on the coronavirus in China 51 weeks ago on January 30, 2020. Cases are high in all these states but going down in all but Vermont. In South Dakota, cases are highest in McPherson County, followed by Dewey, Lyman, Union and Ziebach.

We continue to track Minnesota, North Dakota and Vermont for comparison. A comparison between South Dakota and Vermont is still very valid. With similar population number and density, Vermont’s total case count is 10,220 versus 105,659. Deaths in Vermont are 163 versus 1,667 in South Dakota. Only one person has died per day, on average, from COVID in Vermont in the last seven days. That number in South Dakota is 12. Twelve people every single day. Please wear a mask and stay home.



Chairman Harold Frazier Daily Reports KIPI Radio

The New York Times for South Dakota and Notable Hotspot and Vermont

This week’s US and World data from Our World in Data: 

Active Case numbers from:

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