Saturday, September 18, 2021

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COVID-19 current case count

August 30, 2021

Current COVID-19 Response Plan Level 3

Given current numbers, Cheyenne River should be at Level 4 according to the Response Plan deployed at the beginning of the pandemic and revised in February 2021. Council recently passed a resolution that the executive, the Health Committee, and the Task Force need to be in agreement in order to raise the response level.

There is a clear demarcation between Level 3 and Level 4, so please observe appropriate precautions as if we were at Level 4. Consider distance learning for students. Make sure quarantines are observed. Continue to exercise outdoors but maintain social distancing. Seriously consider attendance at public functions such as sporting events, community meetings, funerals and church services. Practice extreme caution in ceremonies. Practice curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Cases continue to rise on Cheyenne River. Cases on CRST are up from 62 to 74 as of August 30, a precipitous rise. The 7-day average of active cases went from 35.71 to 67.71. First shots of the vaccine given are 3,781, second shots are 3,364. Four people have received a third booster shot. The total of the 12,000 population fully vaccinated is 31.66%.

According to the Chairman’s daily radio update on August 30, from Sunday to Monday there were 25 new cases. There have been 215 total cases in children under 9 years old. This time last year that figure was 17. The importance of protecting our children cannot be underemphasized.

Only one of the eight beds at IHS is open. Five people are hospitalized in Eagle Butte with COVID as of Monday. One is referred out and is in ICU. There are less than 20 ICU beds available in Monument, Avera and Sanford Health combined.

In 2021 88% of the cases on Cheyenne River have occurred in non-vaccinated people. Twenty-nine cases occurred in fully-vaccinated people. Eleven occurred in those partially vaccinated. These numbers attest to the power of the Delta variant. It’s imperative that everyone get vaccinated. Vaccines are available through IHS or CRST Field Health at (605) 964-0772.

In South Dakota 49% of the population is vaccinated. This number has not changed for the last month. The most dramatic increase in our neighboring states is in Iowa, whose daily death average went from 2.3 to 6.0 in one week.

Nationwide 62% people have received their first shot and 52% people are fully vaccinated. About 74% of all adults have received at least one shot, an increase of about one percent since last week. These numbers are creeping up very slowly.

The leaderboard for fully vaccinated adults stands at Vermont 77.8%, Connecticut 77.4%, Massachusetts 76.5%, Maine 76.3%, Rhode Island 75.3%, New Jersey 73.6% and Maryland 73.5%. The US territory Palau is more vaccinated than any other state with 92% of their population fully vaccinated.

All reports point to fewer breakthrough cases and the majority of COVID hospitalizations are unvaccinated people. Cases, hospitalizations and deaths remain well below peak levels, and the three approved vaccines remain effective against the virus.

The latest surge has been driven largely by severe outbreaks in a handful of states, but cases, hospitalizations and deaths remain well below peak levels. The three approved vaccines remain effective against the virus. Infection numbers will remain relatively low in much of the Northeast and Upper Midwest. States with lower vaccination rates are getting hit the hardest by the new surges.


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