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Eagle Butte
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Corrections officials warn of high risk prisoner release to Eagle Butte area

Corrections Secretary Denny Kaemingk is providing notification to law enforcement and the public about the pending release of a state prison inmate.

Inmate Michael Ontiveros, age 47, is currently serving a 5-year sentence for third-degree burglary from Hughes County, which was consecutive to two 6-year concurrent sentences from Walworth County, also for third-degree burglary. His criminal history includes convictions in Arizona for attempted sexual assault, kidnapping, escape and grand theft. 

Ontiveros is a registered sex offender.

Pursuant to Ontiveros’ judgment of conviction, his sentence expires on Jan. 20, 2016. Having completed his full eleven year sentence, he must be released from prison. He will not be under supervision, such as parole. DOC does not have jurisdiction to supervise an inmate who has completed their sentence. 

“Based on his criminal history, poor conduct while incarcerated, and assessments that indicate a high risk for committing future acts of violence, I am alerting law enforcement and the public of this offender’s pending release from prison,” said Kaemingk.

Ontiveros has indicated he plans to live in the Eagle Butte area upon his release.

This specific notification is in addition to the letters currently sent to law enforcement and notices provided to the Division of Criminal Investigation each month.

Since 2011, the Department of Corrections has issued a total of seven public notices of pending high risk inmate releases and one public notice on a high profile inmate release.

CRST Tribal Councl members were made aware of Ontivero’s indication that he was moving to the Eagle Butte area on the Cheyenne River Reservation. Official’s have stated that an exclusion order for Ontivero’s is in the works. The exclusion order would bar Ontivero’s from residing on the Cheyenne River reservation.