Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Eagle Butte

Coach Lends His Horse takes track team to fill sand bags

When Senior Fallynn Cloud Eagle arrived at track practice, she had no idea she would be playing in the sand.

Coach Trina Lends His Horse told everyone to keep their street clothes on and load up, they were heading to Game, Fish and Parks to fill sandbags, Cloud Eagle said.

“Track is so much more than just a race!” Lends His Horse wrote on her Facebook page.

“Today rather than having practice on the track, we practiced being good citizens,” she wrote.

The experience helped teach students how to help community members using preventative measures.

“We also enjoyed some food and beverages and was treated very kind by the staff” Lends His Horse wrote.

The athletes had attended their season opener track meet the night before, arriving back in Eagle Butte after midnight, an event at which Lends His Horse said the team excelled.

Junior Reese Ganje shovels sand into a bag during the community service trip to CRST Game, Fish and Parks last week. Photo by Trina Lends His Horse

To help block rising waters caused by snowmelt and rain, Junior Adrianna White Wolf ties off a sand bag. Photo by Trina Lends His Horse

Daci Lends His Horse and Junior Mia Paris work together filling sandbags. Photo by Trina Lends His Horse