Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Eagle Butte

City of Eagle Butte reorganizes

Wednesday, January 22, 2019, the Eagle Butte City reorganizational meeting was called to order at 6:31 p.m. by Eagle Butte City Mayor, Versella LaPlante with the following city members present: Sheila Ganje, Tiny Martin, Harley Morgan, Roland Ducheneaux, James Traversie, John Bachman, and Dale Lesmeister.

Eagle Butte City Maintenance staff in attendance were Max Ganje and Winston Mike.

Others in attendance were John Schuler and Pat Schrempp.

The meeting started with the adoption of the agenda, and then the meeting minutes from 12/17/2018, both of which received approval.

Sheila Ganje reported that trainings must be done to get certifications completed, and some claims supported these trainings.

February 7, 2019 is the water Distribution test and employees will have water training with Tri-County water.

The Lakeside Golf Course Claim, Ganje reported was related to a septic tank issue. She said the plumbing needs work, and the line between the building and septic tank was full of grease, and so they jetted out the line, which Ganje reported seems to be working fine. Claims were approved without further discussion.

Food handlers training Ganje reported will be done in February. Maintenance will be completing Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), mosquito control, and pavement trainings.

Waste Water Collection tests will be done by Jan. 24 and 31, 2019 Ganje said.

In-house training will be started after the first test.

Pat Schrempp presented an operating agreement before the city council with concerns about why he received a contract on December 26, 2018, two days before he was expected to sign the contract and pay an $800 application fee.

Ganje reported the operating agreement was sent out in enough time for business owners to review the contract.

Schrempp argued that the application fee and the increase in tax to 10 percent was too much for business owners and the city should go back to the flat $1200 rate or drop the $800 application fee so owners do not have to pass the increase on to customers.

Schrempp was also concerned about the fairness with which the operating agreement is applied.

After much discussion, the council voted to drop the application fee and refund the business owners their $800, leaving only the 10 percent tax.

The upcoming election shows one council seat vacant.

The election will be held Tuesday April 2.

Harley Morgan said he will most likely run for the council seat to which he was appointed when former council member Richard Briggs took a position with the city.

In other news, the city police officers physicals have been set in February and March. They no longer take the pack test, Schuler reported. 

Ganje reported that maintenance staff 1099’s are done, and retirement monthly and quarterly reports are done.

The council decided to send out letters to businesses on Main Street about a snow removal policy that makes  clear  all cars must be cleared from in front of all businesses in the early morning hours so city maintenance employees can plow snow accumulation.

Max Ganje wanted the council to consider creating  a grease ordinance so businesses have grease traps.

Also in relation to maintenance employees, the council clarified that those who take home a vehicle must live in town.

The council designated the  newspaper as the  West River Eagle, determined to hire Attorney Michael Whalen of Rapid City, SD as needed.

Equalization hearing is set the March 19 and the council requested the equalization directors attend.

Legals: Emergency Manager System received one digital radio for free. Schuler said a new cage for the Tahoe will cost an estimated $900 and $600-700 for decals.

Motion Executive meeting: A qualifications and personnel issue. Started at 7:45 p.m. and ended at  8.52 p.m..