Saturday, September 18, 2021

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City of Eagle Butte gears up for National Clean Up Day events

Residents and businesses around Cheyenne River are gearing up for National Clean Up Day events beginning September 12 and lasting through National Clean Up Day on September 18.

The city joins events around the country and around the globe as people take to the streets, trails and beaches to clean up the natural environment. The event advocates for sustainable product development and community involvement. Small and large clean ups are planned around the city.

The event encourages people to do the right thing by working in groups to care for favorite places, pick up after themselves and others, and create outdoor spaces that are self-sufficient, clean, and more enjoyable.”

Partners in the event are the City of Eagle Butte, CREDCO, Cheyenne River Housing Authority, CRST Property and Supply, CRST Sanitary Landfill, Kelsie Kay’s Coffee Depot, BIA, West River Eagle, IHS, Four Bands Community Foundation and State Bank of Eagle Butte.

In addition to Eagle Butte, private and municipal Clean Ups are planned in Pierre and Sioux Falls, and in Hazen, ND.

Local events

From September 18-26, CREDO and CRST Sanitary Landfill are sponsoring roll-off dumpsters stationed around the community for bulk trash. It’s a good time to do a clean up of your home and property!

JD Williams noted that waste removal is really of job of community wellbeing, so it makes sense to support wider community clean up efforts.

Proposed roll-off dumpster locations are:

1. SBEB/Homestead Avenue

2. IHS

3. Gravel Main St. in Ziebach County

4. OLC/Tribal offices

5. across from CRST Property and Supply

6. No Heart/Cheyenne River Housing Authority.

Dumpsters will accept yard waste and trash. No engines, batteries, or dead animals.

Kelsie Kay’s Coffee Depot is sponsoring a Trash Pick Up competition. Bag distribution and sign up are at 9 a.m. on September 18 at the Coffee Depot. Clear bags will be distributed with a limit of five per person; but if you fill those you can come back to five more!

The competition ends at 3 p.m. with prizes and gift certificates. Prizes are: First Place $500, Second Place $250, Third Place $150, plus consolation prizes! Check with Kelsie Kay Haskell or Cali Ann Anderson at Kelsie Kay’s for more information.

The City will have Halloween-themed trash bags available for children to use to pick up trash during the week, too. Contact Kelsie Kay or Cali as above for more information.

City projects

City Council committed to a number of projects to improve the overall appearance of the community.

Lighting updates are happening on Cedar Street and Main Street. The work is scheduled in late September to coincide with National Clean Up Day. Look for improvements to the lighting to increase safety and may prevent crime. And give the workers a wide berth while they are working in wires.

Streets will be swept around town; Main Street will be swept in the early morning hours and residential streets will be swept during business hours. Lend a hand and clean out the storm drains near your home or business!

The city contracted with South Dakota Department of Transportation to perform centerline and driving lane striping on portions of Main Street, Prairie Road/Airport Road from Main Street to the airport, and Airport Access Road. The work is scheduled to take place September 9.

During Clean Up Week Traffic Solutions will stripe parking lanes, handicap parking spots, cross walks, and No Parking markers on curbs and gutters. The workers will be available for hire to paint private parking lots if needed. Reach out to them at (605) 368-9765.

National Clean Up Day is tracking events and individual participation at Sign up there and share pictures of your team at work!

The City of Eagle Butte “Community Clean Up” page is

Check there for events or contact Sheila Ganje at the City offices at 605/964-8783.

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