Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Eagle Butte
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City of Eagle Butte discusses DGB project, November updates

The City of Eagle Butte held a meeting on November 30, rescheduled from its original date earlier in the month due to the passing oF Eagle Butte Superintendent Jon Ganje.

The focus on the meeting was to update council members on the city’s maintenance of the lagoon aerator systems.

Concerns about the spring smells from the lagoon resulted in the lagoon project and the purchase of the aerators floating devices, according to DRG representative present at the meeting. The aerators have not been working properly, and so were removed for the winter months with a plan to contact the manufacturer about the improper functioning of the aerators.

The contractor for the lagoon project asked the city to release some of the holding on the project, which was at 10 percent

Finance officer Sheila Ganje agreed that releasing a portion of the hold would be acceptable because the project has gone on so long, but cautioned against releasing all of it, to ensure quality completion of the project. 

The council made a motion to reduce the retainer percentage to 5 percent and approved it without further discussion. 

Ganje reported to the council that the contracts were paid to current at the time of the meeting.

The only other issue discussed in relation to the lagoon concerned a manhole in the area that continuously contained standing water. The DRG representative said that the water is most likely a result of ground water and not a leak, and the plan is to lay fabric around it and monitoring it on a regular basis.

The council approved the easement for the restaurant, and discussed the plan to chip and seal Main street in conjunction with State chip and seal schedules, and all crack seal will be done within the city limits this winter.

The city met in executive session concerning personnel, and made a motion to advertise the Superintendent position in the West River Eagle to run for two weeks.

The next meeting will be December 7.