Saturday, September 18, 2021

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City of Eagle Butte announces National Clean Up Day event

The City of Eagle Butte is planning a series of events to celebrate National Clean Up with activities all week leading up to National Clean Up Day on September 18. 

Stay tuned for what’s happening and how you can get involved!!!

Partners in the event are the City of Eagle Butte, CREDCO, Cheyenne River Housing Authority, CRST Property and Supply, Kelsie Kay’s Coffee Depot, BIA, West River Eagle, IHS, Four Bands Community Foundation and State Bank of Eagle Butte.

National Clean Up Day ( is the brainchild of hikers Steve Jewett and Bill Willoughby which exploded into a global movement. They advocate for sustainable product development and community involvement to clean up and keep it clean.

According to their web site, “study after study shows the highest indicator that someone will pick up litter is if they witness someone else picking up litter. That’s because peer group norms are more powerful than incentives, and together, they can provide impressive behavioral change.

Core to our beliefs is the notion that people want to do the right things; all they need is a little encouragement or incentive. We believe that people are naturally responsible; if we encourage them to care for their favorite places, to pick up after themselves and others, then our outdoor spaces will become self-sufficient, clean, and more enjoyable.”

In addition to Eagle Butte, private and municipal Clean Ups are planned in Pierre and Sioux Falls, and in Hazen, ND.

For more information, to sign up as a sponsor, or to volunteer, contact Sheila Ganje at the City of Eagle Butte at 605/964-8783.

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