Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Eagle Butte

City of Dupree’s council met April 4 over a short agenda

The April meeting for the City of Dupree was short, starting at 7:21 p.m. Carl Schauer was the only visitor, and he presented an issue with the road that runs in front of the FSA building on 8th Street, providing a photo to board members and expressing concern that it will only get worse if the city does not hurry and fix it.

Financial Officer Maurice Lemke said the road slopes to the south instead of the north, causing the area to the north on the Schauer Brother’s property to puddle. Schauer wants to make sure the city is aware of the problem and addresses it sooner than later, as he said, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Schauer said he believes that the issue was ultimately caused by the semi-truck traffic on the road. He said that the city workers did a good job with what they had to work with, but more work was needed.

Later in the meeting, Mayor Jim Veit said that they are trying to get gravel for the 8th Street drainage issue. Veit said that at one time, there were ditches for the water to drain into, but those were filled in, causing the current problem.

Veit said that overall progress on grading and patching the streets damaged by the winter weather conditions has been going smoothly. He said the city workers have spent about 8 hours on patching roads and have bladed gravel through town twice.

Sheriff Gary Cudmore and Deputy Charles Red Crow presented a detailed report to the council members and said that this report, which included information about all of the calls Red Crow made in the month, would include Cudmore’s statistics next month.

“I’m not too savvy with it [the new system] yet,” Cudmore said, “but when I get better, I’ll have my information included in the report.”

Red Crow said the report is not public record, but that anyone with questions about general information concerning law enforcement statistics can contact the Ziebach County Sheriff’s office.

The report is a result of the new system installed in the police cars that allows the officer to input each call and response he or she makes on a shift. The information also indicated the number of hours the officers patrol in the City of Dupree.

The report addresses a concern city officials had earlier in the year about the actual service the city was receiving from the sheriff’s department, and if the department was actually providing the police service the city is paying for.

City officials expressed their gratitude for the officers, the report, and their presence at the meeting.

The bills were more than they typically are this month, Mayor Jim Veit reported, but that was because of several expenditures, such as grader tires and a new QuickBooks system.

The city crews have been working on the roads, and the city received their new loader, which Veit said was parked across the street for everyone to see. The old loader will need to be surplused, Veit said.

The highway Cenex’s liquor license was approved.

Near the close of the meeting, Veit said he has been asked to meet with Nathania Knight from the SDSU Extension office about summer plans, and Alderwoman Unalee Howe said that Dakota Longbrake with the CRST Department of Transportation was invited to attend that meeting.

Veit said he was also asked to another meeting in Eagle Butte by Candice LeBeau, who works with the CRST Planning and Economic Development Committee.