Sunday, January 20, 2019

Eagle Butte

City agrees to settlement in dispute

The City of Eagle Butte convened on May 8, at 6:30 p.m., and went into executive session at 6:34 p.m. to discuss legal matters, referencing “1-25-2 (1) (2) (3) (4) – Personnel & Legal Matters” in the posted agenda.

The executive session ended 7:17, and the board motioned to accept the agreement reached with First Dakota Enterprise, the company that was hired to work on the water project.

Trent Bruce, with DGR Engineering out of Sioux Falls, SD, met with the board in the executive session, and advised them in the open meeting that to go with the agreement would be the best course of action.

Details about the agreement were not revealed in the open meeting, but the board made a motion to accept it, and it was passed.

“Surplus property from this project is ours, the pipe can be declared surplus and sold,” said Sheila Ganje, the city’s finance officer.

Another motion was made to proceed with getting the water tower repairs and pursue funding, which was also passed.

A motion for manhole cleaning was also passed, with Dale Lesmeister abstaining due to a conflict of interest.

The board members discussed the lagoon issue, which involves the faulty aerators that were purchased, but have not effectively worked to reduce the stench that wafts off the lagoon water. 

Despite the lagoon issues, Bruce assured the council that they have no more issues with the lagoon than other cities have with their lagoons.

Another discussion revolved around the city’s water meters, which have a life expectancy of 10-15 years, but the technology used in those meters is already out of date.

The meter reading issues relate to the move to “the cloud,” where information can be stored electronically and accessed with Internet connectivity.

Ganje proposed and the council approved the creation of a new policy for the Shupick Park softball field lights.

They carried a motion to convert the name of the electricity bill into the men’s league director, and have the league pay Moreau Grand directly for the use of the lights. The city will disconnect the lights when the softball season ends. 

City Police Chief Norman Schuler reported that he received a grant from the South Dakota Homeland Security Grant to fund the cameras he was hoping to have installed in the vehicle, which come with a body cam for the officer.

The City will receive two cameras and two body cams, but will have to wait for the server Schuler was hoping to be able to install.

The body cams record while the officer is away from the 

vehicle and then sync with the vehicle when the officer returns.

The grant awarded $16,350.00 for the new equipment.

Ganje asked about the pack test requirement for police officers. After several minutes of discussion council members decided that the police officers, who must pass a physical after training that is signed by the designated doctor, there was no reason to keep that requirement in the expectations for officers each year.

Ganje reported that the airport needs more asphalt, and recommended purchasing asphalt from a company in Bismarck with an additive that makes it flexible so that it lasts longer. The council agreed to purchase one palette and 40 bags.

The city’s street committee plans to meet to discuss street conditions and make a plan to address the worse streets first.

In the final minutes of the meeting, the council voted to put the Outrider Café up for sale or entertain rental options, and in another motion adopted a workman’s comp policy that covers employees the minute they access their vehicles.